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Tack Room

Naf leather Neatsfoot Oil (SHIRES - uk) Naf leather Neatsfoot Oil (SHIRES - uk) save
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NAF Leather Neatsfoot Oil This new formula is a traditional choice for cleaning and protecting leather tack. Neatsfoot Oil helps to soften new tack and nourishes and re-hydrates dried out and brittle leather. Store in a cool, dry place Ideal for softening new or neglected tack. Does not rot stitching.
1010H display Rings with Hooks (10pk) 1010H display Rings with Hooks (10pk) save
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Display rings with useful hooks to make headcollars, bridles and other items that need to be displayed easier to hang up. SOLD IN PACKS OF 10
5 Arm Rug Rack 5 Arm Rug Rack save
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Ultimate rug rack with 5 swivelling arms mounted on 2 Stubbyfine coated wall brackets. A small knob on the upper side of each arm deters rugs from sliding off as selection takes over.
Absorbine Horsemans One Step Harness Cleaner x 425 Gm Absorbine Horsemans One Step Harness Cleaner x 425 Gm save
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Horseman's One Step Horseman's One Step is a convenient, one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat, and salt, while helping to restore a natural shine. Designed for the busy equestrian, it requires no water and combines cleaning and conditioning in one step. Product is hazardous for transportation over water.
Aluminium Extending Measuring Stick Aluminium Extending Measuring Stick save
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An easy to use horse measure with extending stem, folding arm and spirit level. Marked in hands and centimetres.
Blanket Rack Blanket Rack save
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Plastic coated wall mounted blanket rack and tack hook.
Bridle Rack Bridle Rack save
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Plastic coated bridle rack to match 975.
Cabinet Cover Cabinet Cover new
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Tournament Cabinet Cover for clean and safe transport • Optimal protection against scratches, dirt and wetness • The usability of the tournament cabinet remains obtain complete with protective cover • Openings for transport handles • Sturdy zippers over the entire height • Breathable fabric, UV-resistant, waterproof, washable up to 30 ° C • Color: Black
Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Glycerine Conditioning Bar Soap Step 2 250g Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Glycerine Conditioning Bar Soap Step 2 250g save
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Pure, clear soap. Now in resealable tray, the original, traditional bar soap that conditions, protects and adds shine to leather. A pure, clear, quality soap formulated with glycerine for regular use.
Carr & Day & Martin Brecknall Turner Saddle Soap Tub Carr & Day & Martin Brecknall Turner Saddle Soap Tub save
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An alternative to Belvoir Conditioner for those that prefer a matt finish. an established soft wax formulation to thoroughly condition leather and being glycerine doesnt leave a gloss finish
Carr & Day & Martin Carrs Leather Oil 300ml Carr & Day & Martin Carrs Leather Oil 300ml save
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A heavy duty alternative to Neatsfoot that has added waterproofing properities. Intensive conditioning for excessively dry, cracked and brittle leather items leaving them soft and supple.
Carr & Day & Martin Ko-Cho-Line 225g Carr & Day & Martin Ko-Cho-Line 225g save
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Unique thick, pink grease which protects leather from mould and mildew when in storage. Also renovates and revives tired saddlery. Will not rot stitching and can be used to prevent rusting.
Carr & Day & Martin Leather Balsam 500ml Carr & Day & Martin Leather Balsam 500ml save
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Ultimate nourishment for new or fine leather, deeply conditions dry or cracked leather and adds brilliant shine. The soft lanolin and Beeswax formula will also help restore saturated leather and help prevent watermarking
Carr & Day & Martin Neatsfoot Oil Carr & Day & Martin Neatsfoot Oil save
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The most famous of all leather restoring oils, containing pure neatsfoot oil, that will not rot stitching. Fantastic for suppling still or new leather and can be used routinely as a preventative to avoid drying and cracking.
Cast Iron Coat Hooks Cast Iron Coat Hooks save
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Cast Iron Coat Hooks - height approx. 21.5 cm, width approx. 34 cm
Classic Jumps Saddle Carrier Classic Jumps Saddle Carrier save
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The best-selling saddle carrier is a firm favourite with Caroline Powell and hundreds of other riders. Not only does it enable you to carry your saddle safely and securely, it also has room for tack storage in the base. Although it only weighs 3kg, it is extremely strong, will never crack and is available in a large range of colours. Height: 44.0cm Weight: 3.0kg
Cleaning Hook Cleaning Hook save
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Three pronged cleaning hook, perfect for cleaning bridles.
Collapsable Saddle Stand Collapsable Saddle Stand save
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Strongly constructed from plastic coated steel, with detachable legs for easy transportation and storage.
De-Luxe Punch Plier De-Luxe Punch Plier save
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A deluxe version of the original hole punch with marked hole sizes and different handle.
Display Rings Chrome Pk 10 Display Rings Chrome Pk 10 save
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Nickel plated display rings, ideal for displaying bridle work. Pack of 10.
Ezi Kit Bridle Rack - 1028 Ezi Kit Bridle Rack - 1028 save
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Plastic coated rack to hold five bridles.
Flexalan Lanolised Leather Dressing Flexalan Lanolised Leather Dressing save
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Used throughout the world for over 50 years. A labour saving, brush-on preparation which softens, waterproofs and renovates leather saddlery.
Foldable Water Canister With A Capacity Of 10L Foldable Water Canister With A Capacity Of 10L save
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PRODUCT NO. 153110 Having an ample supply of fresh water for your horse is paramount at all times! That"s why this water container is a good choice and ideally suited for use at competitions. Its 3 cm opening makes it easy to fill and empty if not used. When folded up, it fits into every trailer or car. Features a handle for easy carrying. Content: 10 l Weight: 170g Size: approx. 20 x 20 x 3 cm (e…
Folding Storage Box Folding Storage Box save
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Always ready for use and so practical. When folded up, only 4.5 cm thick. Ideal for extra seating when you have company, as a foot rest in front of your favourite armchair, as a place to put things on or storage box. In artificial leather, foldable. Load-bearing capacity approx. 100 kg Dimensions: approx. 36 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm
Hand Cleaning Wipes Hand Cleaning Wipes save
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Universal anti bacterial hand cleanign wipes.
Handy Hanger Handy Hanger save
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Heavy duty plastic coated metal hanger, ideal for hanging up bridles and headcollars and cleaning tack.
Hook & Loop Cleaner Hook & Loop Cleaner save
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Spring clean touch close straps with this handy tool which removes fluff and debris.
Horse And Pony Weighband Horse And Pony Weighband save
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Strong, easy to clean tape which will provide the following information: girth in centimetres, weight in lbs, weight in kgs and height in hands. Useful for keeping an eye on the horses weight all year round.
Horse Head Bridle Holder Horse Head Bridle Holder save
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In lacquered aluminium, and in the shape of a horse�s head.