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Yard Equipment

Harold Moore Equestrian Stable & Yard Broom (DISCONTINUED) Harold Moore Equestrian Stable & Yard Broom (DISCONTINUED)
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The Harold Moore "Stable & Yard Broom" has been specifically designed for the demands of the professional equine environment. Whether it's on concrete, rubber matting, stone, tarmac or even inside the arena, the Stable and Yard Broom guarantees great results on virtually any surface. The unique bristle technology ensures the maximum pick-up on every sweep and its ant-clogging nature means there's…
18 18" Stable Broom Head
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Stable Broom Head Strong, yet light, and ideal for stable or yard. These brooms accept either the metal screw-in handle (Code: 4879) or the telescopic handle (Code: 4880).
Bungee Breakaway Trailer Tie Bungee Breakaway Trailer Tie
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Reduce tension with this web covered bungee tether. The addition of a touch close breakaway safety feature leaves a short lead attached should the horse break away, making him easier to catch. Ideal for the stable, yard or trailer with swivel trigger clip and panic release clip. Total length: 69cm. COMPOSITION Polypropylene with polyester bungee.
Ezi Kit Manure Scoop - Long Handle Ezi Kit Manure Scoop - Long Handle
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Manure scoop and fork for removing dropping quickly and efficiently, great for stables, yards and arenas.
Fyna Lite Kids Shovel and Broom Set Fyna Lite Kids Shovel and Broom Set
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Fyna-Lite Kids Shovel And Broom Set Lightweight and easy to use, perfectly balanced, features a unique reinforced socket for extra strength, aluminium strip on edge of blade for prolonged life, easily and accurately removes debris with minimum effort.
Heavy Duty Bungee Trailer Tie Heavy Duty Bungee Trailer Tie
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This calming, shock absorbing robust bungee line quickly tethers the horse in the stable, yard or trailer or two can be used to safely cross tie a familiarised horse. If the horse pulls, the bungee line offers gentle resistance which reduces stress. Featuring a swivel trigger clip at one end and a panic release at the other, the polyester bungee is encased in a clear plastic tube to reduce wear an…
HKM Jump Height Stickers HKM Jump Height Stickers
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Heavy duty sticker when placed on the wings of show jumps makes measuring heights easier when training at home or competition.
HKM Rice Straw Broom HKM Rice Straw Broom
In stock
product specification: - Length approx. 140 cm
HKM Saddle Caddy - Foldable HKM Saddle Caddy - Foldable
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Product specification: - delivered with bag - metal this saddle caddy is ideal for holding your saddle and other accessories all in one place. Set on whell it is easy to move around the yard. Made with ametal firm it is very robust. Foldable for  safe easy storage.
HKM Stable Glove HKM Stable Glove
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HKM Stable Glove - 50% polyurethane, 50% polyester
LeMieux Equine Work Glove - Pink LeMieux Equine Work Glove - Pink
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Description LeMieux Equine Work Glove Hand wash in cool water Allow to air dry naturally Do not tumble dry
Metal Broom Handle - Solid - 5ft Metal Broom Handle - Solid - 5ft
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Hill Brush Metal Broom Handle Designed to fit the Stable Broom (Code: 4877).
Premium 3 Step Mountie - Heavy Duty Premium 3 Step Mountie - Heavy Duty
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Ideal for use in riding schools and large livery yards, each block has hand holes and is fitted with abrasive anti-slip strips for sure footing. These heavy duty Premium range of blocks are accredited to the BS EN 14183:2003E British & European safety standard meaning that we guarantee that they will take up to 260kg. Height: 62.0cm Weight: 15.0kg
Red Gorila Big Tidee(Big Tidee + Long Rake) Red Gorila Big Tidee(Big Tidee + Long Rake)
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Big Tidee™ with Long Rake Revolutionise your daily routine with our weather-resistant Big Tidee with Long Handled Rake, designed to make mucking out quick and easy. The Big Tidee is perfect to use for paddock maintenance or mucking the messiest of horses. This Big Tidee includes a Long Handled Rake which is designed to collect droppings more efficiently. The Tidee Grip makes using the rake more co…
Red Gorilla Childrens Wheelbarrow Red Gorilla Childrens Wheelbarrow
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Children's Wheelbarrow The Children's Wheelbarrow is super lightweight with a strong steel frame and high-quality plastic tray. At 22L capacity, it is the perfect size for children and is great at getting them involved in jobs around the yard, stable or garden. Available in a range of colours. Weight: 4700g Width: 43cm Length: 90cm Height: 40cm
Stable Broom Head - 18 Stable Broom Head - 18"
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18 Inch solid handle
Standard 2 Step Mountie - STandard Standard 2 Step Mountie - STandard
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With a load bearing of 180kg, these blocks are ideal for personal use or on small livery yards. They also have a moulded tread pattern with cut out handles and are extremely easy to move and clean down. Height: 35.5cm Weight: 5.0kg
Trigger Clip Trigger Clip
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Accepts 2.5cm (1") wide strap. Sold in singles Die cast zinc
Weelie Barrow Childs Weelie Barrow Childs
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Just like mum and dads!! Robust and functional childs wheelbarrow. Takes up to 20kg/20 litres. Comes packed flat for assembly. Dimensions (mm): 860L x 430W x 340H.