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Breyer Toy Horses

Bay Pinto Pony Bay Pinto Pony new
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Due to their appealing small size, ponies are popular riding mounts for children. A pony must measure no more than 14.2 hands (58 inches - one hand equals 4 inches) from the wither (shoulder) to the ground. A pinto refers to any horse or pony whose coat consists of large patches of white and any other color. In this case, this pony is a bay pinto because its base color is bay (brown body with blac…
Chocolaate Bars - Thank You Chocolaate Bars - Thank You new
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Chocolate Bar - Thank You An 85g bar of chocolate in a quality cardboard box overprinted with "Thank You for looking after my Horse". What a lovely gesture to say Thank You to a friend for looking after your horse while you are away.
Chocolate Lollies: I Love.. Chocolate Lollies: I Love.. new
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Chocolate Lollies: I Love.. Each lolly has a milk chocolate base covered on front with white chocolate and hand lettered in dark chocolate with "I ♥ my Pony" or "I ♥ my Horse" A delicious treat for everybody - young and old!
Country Stable with Wash Stall Country Stable with Wash Stall new
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This Freedom Series stable is loaded with fun features, and you will love how easy this stable is to assemble - just snap it together! -Built-in slide-out wash stall with swinging hose! -Roof swings open on either side for additional access to stalls and loft, which has a moveable ladder -Two roomy stalls with doors that open and close -Four fencing sections create an attached paddock behind the b…
Deluxe Two Stall Barn Red Deluxe Two Stall Barn Red new
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This beautiful red barn is the perfect home for model horses! Features two spacious stalls with functional Dutch doors in the back. This barn also has sliding doors and a removable roof for easy access! Made of natural wood. Fits two Traditional Series horses. Assembled barn measures 21"L x 16.75"W x 16.5"H - Assembly required. Note: Horses and accessories not included.
Joules Gift Set Grl Ftw Slippers Pink Unicorn Joules Gift Set Grl Ftw Slippers Pink Unicorn new
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Joules Slipper and Soft Toy Gift Set - Pink Unicorn A great gift idea, this slipper and soft toy gift set is packed full of colour, charm and cosiness. For any little lover of the ‘great indoors’ this is a gift set you simply can’t go wrong with. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or just because…
Mystery Foal surprise (Assortment) Mystery Foal surprise (Assortment) new
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Mystery Foal Suprise This three piece set comes with a mystery foal, whose color is a surprise! This set features a flaxen chestnut Icelandic horse and a palomino blanket Appaloosa, and their foal remains hidden in its stall until you open the package! A fun visual lesson in horse genetics, the foal's coat color and pattern will be based upon the coat color and patterns of its parents.
Traditional Series Dually Truck Traditional Series Dually Truck new
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An essential item for any Traditional horse purchase, the new truck is sharp and stylish in burgundy with silver trim, and it hitches to the matching two-horse tag-along trailer in a snap! Featuring rolling, rubber-like wheels and front wheels that turn with the steering wheel. Working parts include the hood, tailgate, and doors! Note: Figures and accessories not included
Traditional Series Horse Trailer Traditional Series Horse Trailer new
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This trailer is the perfect addition to a "Dually" Truck purchase! Two Breyer Traditional Series horses fit perfectly in this authentically detailed trailer, which is white with silver trim to match the dually truck. Real trailer features like stalls seperated by a divider, padded rear chains, two back doors with Dutch openings, four working tires, a side door, textured opening ramp and a hitch wi…
Traditional Two Horse Trailer Blue Traditional Two Horse Trailer Blue new
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Ship model horses in the epitome of style! Authentically detailed trailer matches the dually truck, and is a perfect fit for Traditional Series horses. It replicates a real 2-horse trailer with stalls separated by a divider, padded rear chains, 2 back doors with Dutch openings, 4 working tires, a side door, textured ramp and a hitch. Fits 2 Horses; Opening ramp, Dutch Doors & Side Door Allow Full…
Wood Stable Wood Stable new
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Wood Stable Authentic wood two stall stable fits both Traditional and Classics Series horses. Features swinging barn doors, chain stall guards and two feed bins to fit two horses. Assembly required. Fits two Traditional or Classics Series horses (horses and other accessories pictured are not included). 11.625"L x 3.5"W x 11.25"H