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Arena Markers

Dressage Marker Hoops (RSVP) Dressage Marker Hoops (RSVP)
In stock
Dressage Marker Hoops (rsvp) Four steel hoops featuring the letters R S V P Size 69cm(27") tall x 22.5cm( 9") wide (set of four)
Learner Dressage Test Board Learner Dressage Test Board
In stock
Write on - wipe off board complete with pen. Make learning a dressage test easier.
Pole Blocks Pole Blocks
In stock
Unique edge design gives multiple pole locations and positive stacking. Central recess offers pole heights of 30cm and 36cm whilst outer edges give 50cm and 64cm pole heights. Very tough Stubbythene moulding. Height 46cm, Width 30cm, Length 58cm, Weight 4.0kg. Sold as singles
S671M Show Jump Markers (1-12) S671M Show Jump Markers (1-12)
In stock
Show Jump Number Markers Displaying the number on two sides at 60 degrees to each other for the more prestigious requirement, these are otherwise as our conventional markers. Pack depth 37 cm Pack weight 26.4 kg
Self Adhesive Dressage Letters (12 - Abcefhkmrsvp) Self Adhesive Dressage Letters (12 - Abcefhkmrsvp)
In stock
Eight self adhesive dressage letters A B C E F H K M
Set of 8 Dressage Markers Set of 8 Dressage Markers
In stock
Eight steel hoops with the following letters: A B C E F H K M