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Correctional Pads

4331 Rear Riser Gel Pad 4331 Rear Riser Gel Pad
In stock
Fits snuggly under the saddle to offer extra lift and excellent ergonomic shock absorption. Reduces pressure points and improves grip and comfort. Can assist with saddle fit where muscle tone has dropped.
Gel Eze Non Slip Pad Gel Eze Non Slip Pad
In stock
By placing this sliimer and grippier pad between the saddle and numnah prevents saddles slipping. Lightweight, discreet and can be cut along trace lines to fit your needs. One size.
Gel Eze Saddle Pad Gel Eze Saddle Pad
In stock
Superb impact absorption. protects areas where damage could be caused by ill-fitting saddles, allows airflow to help the regeneration of new tissue to already affected areas. One size.
Gel Eze Shaped Saddle Pad Gel Eze Shaped Saddle Pad
In stock
With revolutionary high tech design feature to aid spinal pressure relief and assist in grip and comfort. One size.
Gel Eze Super Wither Pad Gel Eze Super Wither Pad
In stock
Highly recommended for high wither horses. The unique shamford cushion enables a great comfortable fit for any high withered horse.  impact absorbing and non slip properties.
Gel Eze Wither Pad Gel Eze Wither Pad
In stock
Reduces back and wither injuries. Perforated to allow airflow. One size.
Gel Pad Gel Pad
In stock
Shaped gel pad to help absorb impact. The Jelly Pad also benefits from a number of small holes which help air to flow through the item.
Gelee Fish Saddle Pad Gelee Fish Saddle Pad
In stock
The shock absorbing qualities of the Gelee-Fish helps it to reduce any impact between the horse and rider. It also helps to reduce 'point' pressure. one size.
Performance Suede Half Pad Performance Suede Half Pad
In stock
Lined with breathable, protective SupaFleece.
Ultra No Slip Pad Shires Ultra No Slip Pad Shires
In stock
Shires ultra no slip saddle pad