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What Rug Suits Your Horses Build?

The fit of your blanket is extremely important to ensure the comfort of your horse and to prevent rubbing and blanket slippage. As horses of the same height at the wither come in variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take certain measurements of your horse.Using a soft measuring tape, measure from (A) at the center point of the chest, across the point of the shoulderand to the point (B) at the center of the tail. When you have the measurement, remove 10cm (4 inches) andchoose your horse’s size from the table below. Bear in mind that every horse is different and that this table is a guide only.We have many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes.


A to B CM A to B Inches A to B Feet C to D CM
114 45 3'9 75
122 48 4'0 80
130 51 4'3 85
137 54 4'6 90
145 57 4'9 95
152 60 5'0 100
160 63 5'3 110
168 66 5'6 115
175 69 5'9 125
183 72 6'0 130
191 75 6'3 140
198 78 6'6 145
206 81 6'9 155
213 84 7'0 160
221 87 7'3 165
229 90 7'6 170

Rug weights

Rug weights - Lught, medium, heavy

Horseware rugs come in a variety of weights. To make it easy, er've created this little temperature scale. It explains the weight available for each rug and is located under each product section.

A turnout rug acts as a waterproof insulator layer, helping to maintain condition in cold weather. However be aware that conditions may vary in a short time span. Always ensure your horse is comfortable at all times.

Optimo Split Technology

The Optimo Split is behind the withers, at the 6th vertebrae of the horse’s spine.

It allows the horse to move in an exuberant manner: the front of the blanket will move, turn and extend to follow his movement, and the back of the blanket will stay firmly in position without pulling forward or slipping. This allows maximum freedom of movement, with maximum coverage provided by the blanket at all times.


In a standard blanket 80% of heat loss happens across the back and hips of the horse. VariLayerincorporates compression resistant thermobonded fiberfill to target these major areas of heat loss. By layering in these areas, the blanket is lighter but more thermally efficient. In blankets with Vari-Layerthe fiber-fill is staggered: 450g fill covers the back and hip areas of the blanket, 300g covers the sides ofthe body and 150g on the bottom section of the blanket.

Patented V-Front Closure

The Horseware patented V-Front closure wraps around the point of theshoulder, keeping the blanket light across the c-hest and relieving pressure on the shoulders. The deepV of the neck allows your horse to graze and move more freely. Clips are specially engineered and arevery strong and non-swivel for extra security, with a hook & loop fastening behind them, so that the frontof the blanket d oesn’t gape.

Leg Arches

Front and back leg arches allow the blanket to fold like an envelope around your horse’sbelly, to protect the underside and allow increased freedom of movement without affecting the front orback of the blanket.

Our Range


Horseware® Rambo turnouts are made from waterproof and breathable 1000D ballistic nylon,which is the strongest and most durable turnout material on the market. The lining is anti-static andanti-bacterial with compression resistant thermobonded fiberfill inside, for superior insulation.All Rambo® Turnouts* have the following unique features as standard: Surefit neck design, patentedV-Front closure system, leg arches and 3rd surcingle, Aquatrans® Hydrophillic coating, large tail flap,quick release surcingles, PVC coated tail cord, stainless steel hardware, anti-bacterial lining, reflectivestrips and a 3 year guarantee on waterproofness and breathability. *Excluding Rambo® Original.


The only turnout to feature our unique barrier technology system, Horseware® Rhinos aremade from a 1000D polypropylene outer which protects the waterproof and breathable barrier layer underneath. Polypropylene is a stronger alternative to polyester, which is the most widely used turnoutmaterial. Rhino® turnouts also have shine enhancing polyester lining with thermobonded fiberfill forlonger lasting heat retention.All Rhino® Turnouts have the following unique features as standard: front leg arches, Aquatrans®Hydrophillic coating and barrier technology.

Amigo® Bravo

Horseware® Amigo® Bravo turnouts are made from a strong waterproof and breathable 1200D polyester outer. Polyester is the most widely used turnout material on the market. Amigo® Bravo turnouts have shine enhancing polyester lining and fiberfill. All Amigo® Bravo Turnouts have Aquatrans® Hydrophillic coating and front leg arches as standard.

Amigo® Hero

Horseware Amigo Hero turnouts are made from a strong waterproof and breathable 600D polyester outer with shine enhancing polyester lining and fiberfill.

Our professional, helpful and friendly staff is always on hand to offer help, support and advice to each customer. We ensure that all our staff are knowledgeable and have a great understanding of each and every product which we stock.