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1110 Metal Sweat Scraper 1110 Metal Sweat Scraper
In stock
Metal Sweat Scraper Removes excess water from the horse's coat. Helps remove winter coats at the end of the season.
Bot Knife Bot Knife
In stock
Bot Knife A clever knife for removing bot eggs. The curved design easily and effectively removed bot fly eggs from your horse. Bot fly eggs are roughly the size of a grain of sand and can be found on the legs and shoulder of a horse.
Bridleway spotless - Red Hoof Pick Bridleway spotless - Red Hoof Pick
In stock
SPOTLESS HOOF PICKV714 Bridleway's range of Spotless brushes includes everything you need to keep your horse squeaky clean. Featuring rubberised grips for a comfortable and secure hold and a smart design to coordinate with our Grooming Tote. Dimensions: 160mm long
Cactus Mitt Cactus Mitt
In stock
Cactus Mitts are a really useful piece of grooming kit often overlooked! The cactus cloth side is fantastic for gently but effectively removing sweat stains, the other side of the cactus mitt is made from a soft fabric for giving the coat a polish and removing the last traces of dust at the end of a grooming session.
CMD4 Detangler & Shine 16oz CMD4 Detangler & Shine 16oz
In stock
Cowboy Magic Detangler neutralises static hair electricity instantly. Knots and dreadlocks fall out tangle-free right away. The silk protein in the cowboy magic detangler results in a high shine after brushing. Cowboy Magic Detangler is a deep conditioner; the product penetrates below the surface and restores moisture while strengthening hair, resulting in a natural shine with a soft texture. With…
CMG16 Greenspot Remover 32oz CMG16 Greenspot Remover 32oz
In stock
Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover is very beneficial for the summer months in particular, when horses are out grazing without rugs on. A shower in a bottle. Cowboy Magic Green spot remover has been formulated to remove manure and urine stains instantly. It can also be used to remove wet or dried sweat and gives the newly cleaned spots a high shine after brushing. Made from expensive, natural and non-…
D Ring D Ring
In stock
D Ring Die cast zinc.
Ezi-Groom Wash Brush Ezi-Groom Wash Brush new
In stock
Ezi-groom wash brush in two colours
Grooming Block Grooming Block
In stock
Easy to use block which assists in removing loose hair and bot eggs
Grooming Razors Grooming Razors
In stock
A must for every grooming kit- safety razors for that final finish.
Horse Measuring Tape Horse Measuring Tape
In stock
At last, a pocket size retractable measuring tape. Strongly constructed and marked in hands and centimetres.
Microfibre Grooming Mitt Microfibre Grooming Mitt
In stock
This microfibre grooming mitt can be used to remove unwanted dust or dirt and brings a shine to the coat. It is also excellent at removing excess water after washing. Double sided, it fits comfortably like a glove with an elasticated wrist.
Microfibre Grooming Sponge Microfibre Grooming Sponge
In stock
This microfibre grooming sponge is the perfect partner when shampooing your horse. It can also be used dry for finishing and bringing a shine to the coat. The hand strap holds it in place for easy grooming.
Performance Supafleece Grooming Mitt Performance Supafleece Grooming Mitt
In stock
This SupaFleece grooming mitt is a soft and luxurious sheepskin-like mitt, perfect for removing dust and polishing your horses coat to a shine. The elastic cuff helps keep it securely on your hand.
Plastic Sweat Scraper Plastic Sweat Scraper
In stock
Sweat scraper with plastic body and rubber one side to remove excess water from the horses coat.
Rug Strap Buckle Rug Strap Buckle
In stock
Rug Strap Buckle Die cast zinc.
Shires Surcingle Set Shires Surcingle Set
In stock
Shires Surcingle Set Die cast zinc