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NAF Cod Liver Oil NAF Cod Liver Oil
In stock
For suppleness and coat condition
NAF Devils Relief NAF Devils Relief
In stock
When you need to comfort your horse's joints and his quality of life is your priority, give him Devil's Relief. Devils Claw and powerful antioxidants combine with MSM to maintain joint comfort and support quality of life forever. When you need to comfort your horse's joints and his quality of life is your priority, give him Devil's Relief... the choice is painless.
Naf leather Neatsfoot Oil (SHIRES - uk) Naf leather Neatsfoot Oil (SHIRES - uk)
In stock
NAF Leather Neatsfoot Oil This new formula is a traditional choice for cleaning and protecting leather tack. Neatsfoot Oil helps to soften new tack and nourishes and re-hydrates dried out and brittle leather. Store in a cool, dry place Ideal for softening new or neglected tack. Does not rot stitching.
NAF EnerG NAF EnerG save
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This iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete.
NAF Superflex NAF Superflex
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NAF Superflex Superflex is the right combination; a scientifically balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful anti-oxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess free radical build up around the joint. Horses� joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to…
NAF Glucosame 10,000 Plus with MSN NAF Glucosame 10,000 Plus with MSN
In stock
Glucosamine 10000 Plus with MSM Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM provides the recognised level of glucosamine sulphate (10,000mg at loading rate, 5,000 at maintenance rate) together with additional support from MSM. It is the ideal economic commodity choice for those looking to provide support for their horses’ joints. Feeding instructions: Key ingredients: Composition: Analysis: Feeding Instructi…
HKM Horse Tidbits - Mint 750g in bucket HKM Horse Tidbits - Mint 750g in bucket
In stock
- mixture of vit.A,D,E - molasses,barles,wheat,dried mint
HKM Hose Tidbits - Apple 750g bag HKM Hose Tidbits - Apple 750g bag
In stock
Hose Tidbits product specification: - molasses, barley, wheat, dried apples - mixture of vit.A,D,E
Horse Tidbits with Banana 750g Horse Tidbits with Banana 750g
In stock
Horse Tidbits with Banana 750g - mixture of vit.A,D,E - molasses, barley, wheat, dried banana
NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray 240ml NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray 240ml
In stock
Supports the natural healing of minor cuts, abrasions, broken and chaffed skin.
NAF Apple Cider Vinegar NAF Apple Cider Vinegar
In stock
100% pure for suppleness and healthy appetite
Naf Apple Treats, 1KG Naf Apple Treats, 1KG
In stock
NAF Apple Treats, 1kg NAF Appy Treats are natural and have been formulated combining only the best quality ingredients including real apple so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat. NAF Appy Treats are highly palatable to appeal to your horse. NAF Appy Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a training aid or simply to let him know…
NAF Biotin Plus NAF Biotin Plus
In stock
Biotin contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves.
Naf Brighter Than White Whitener Naf Brighter Than White Whitener
In stock
Brighter than WhiteFor finishing touches that are brighter than white, flash into view with this brilliant easy to apply leg and body whitener. Prepare to be ILLUMINATED
NAF D-Itch NAF D-Itch
In stock
Supplement to help the horse fight unpleasant spring and summer skin irration.
Naf Deet Power Performance Gel Naf Deet Power Performance Gel
In stock
All day protection against flies and insect menace. Water based ready for use. Contains proven effective ingredient DEET HSE approved fly repellent. Also available as a spray Size : 750ml
Naf Deet Power Performance Spray Naf Deet Power Performance Spray
In stock
All day protection against flies and insect menace. Directions for Use: Apply by spraying evenly over the body. Reapply as necessary. Sizes: 750ml and 2.5L
NAF Electro Salts NAF Electro Salts
In stock
A balanced combination of the four essential salts in a glucose base for easy absorption. This dietetic is formulated to replace salts lost in sweat resulting from exertion, particularly in hot weather.
Naf Garlic 100 Naf Garlic 100
In stock
The NAF Garlic 100 Liquid, Garlic has been used since ancient and medieval times to support lung function due to its excellent natural expectorant qualities. Has been shown to stimulate the activity of the immune system cells. This tincture made from the finest quality garlic delivers a concentrated extraction in an easy mix liquid form, renowned for faster absorption into the system. Features inc…
NAF Gastriaid NAF Gastriaid
In stock
NAF GastriAid naturally supports the absence of ulcers in a healthy stomach. No one can perform on an upset stomach. If your horse shows signsof gastric stress, feed NAF GastriAid to support the absence of ulcers and give him the stomach to perform! For horses and ponies with a history of compromised gastric health, or when signs dictate. Feed for daily protection from stress related gastric probl…
Naf Gastrivet Naf Gastrivet
In stock
Using a unique and clinically proven formula, NAF GastriVet is an ideal supplement for competition horses as well as those prone to gastric stress. Widely recommended by veterinary professionals, NAF GastriVet is a complex blend of natural herbal and seed extracts and contains Gingko, Milk Thistle, Fenugreek Seed to soothe irritated stomachs and provide lasting protection from acid splashing. Gast…
Naf Go Sound Naf Go Sound
In stock
For total comfort when he really needs it, Go Sound is the natural way to maintain comfort in older horses or those needing additional support. Formulated using natural ingredients known for their comforting qualities, Go Sound is safe to compete on under FEI rules and can be fed to all horses and ponies, including pregnant mares.
NAF Haylage Balancer NAF Haylage Balancer
In stock
Comfort the unsettled horse, neutralize & absorb excess acids, soothe and settle the gut and help guard against gastric upset. Contains a unique digestive clay, includes antacids & live probiotic yeasts to optimise gut function. Also providing a broad spectrumof vitamins andminerals to balance the high fibre diet, Haylage Balancer is the only supplement your horse will need to maintain all round h…
Naf Hedgy Treats Naf Hedgy Treats
In stock
Details NAF HEDGY TREATS 1KG Key features: Re-sealable bag Easy to feed pellets Real hedgerow herbs Delicious reward WHY WE LOVE THESE TREATS FROM THE NAF RANGE: An easy to feed and delicious healty treat for your horse. The perfect way to reward him for his hard work or just to spoil him! 1Kg bag
NAF Himalayan Salt Licks NAF Himalayan Salt Licks
In stock
100% pure, natural rock salt.
NAF Hoof & Sole NAF Hoof & Sole
In stock
A topical application to strengthen soft soles and cracked hooves, and to disinfect frog area.
NAF Hoof Moist NAF Hoof Moist
In stock
Natural Water Based Hoof Moisturiser
NAF Hoof Oil 500ml NAF Hoof Oil 500ml
In stock
A good quality oil to give the hoof a naturally polished look.
Naf Ice Cool Naf Ice Cool
In stock
Ice Cool is a highly effective instant cooling clay containing a blend of natural clays, together with Witch Hazel & Arnica, both well known for their naturally astringent qualities. Ice Cool Naturally cools, soothes and tightens sore, tired legs and tendons after strenuous exercise. Ice Cool is both easy to apply and even easier to wash off!
NAF In The Pink Senior NAF In The Pink Senior
In stock
NAF In The Pink Senior has been formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of your older horse, giving him all he needs to stay forever young. Feed when the diet of the older horse needs balancing with micronutrients. Includes key gut, joint and herbal support to maintain condition, mobility, vitality and �spark� in older horses and ponies.


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