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Tack Room

Lincoln Blended Neatsfoot Oil Lincoln Blended Neatsfoot Oil
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Lincoln Neatsfoot Oil Compound Neatsfoot Oil that will stay liquid in cold weather. Ensures that the leather remains supple. Assists with waterproofing and prevents the leather from drying out. Key benefits A convenient variation on traditional Neatsfoot Oil which remains liquid in cold temperatures. Keeps your leather supple & weather proofed all year round. Renovates, strengthens & rehydrates ol…
Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil
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Classic Neatsfoot Oil The traditional product for waterproofing leather. Regular use will maintain the optimum moisture level of the leather and so prevent it from becoming dry. Key benefits -A traditional nourishing oil to protect, supple & waterproof leather saddlery. -A staple favourite for all tack room shelves for generations of horse owners. -Renovates & rehydrates old, brittle leather. -Reg…
Lincoln Classic Traditional Glycerine Bar Soap Lincoln Classic Traditional Glycerine Bar Soap
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Lincoln Classic Glycerine Bar Soap The classic and time honoured quality product in a convenient to use container that effectively cleans and nourishes leather tack. This pleasantly fragranced, long-standing formulation has been trusted for many years. The perfect product for leather tack. Key benefits -Tried and tested formula for the maintenance & care of leather tack. -Convenient & economical t…
Lincoln Glycerine Spray Soap Lincoln Glycerine Spray Soap
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Lincoln Glycerine Spray Soap All the benefits of the trusted Lincoln Classic Glycerine Bar Soap in a convenient, handy to use spray application. An easy and effective way of maintaining and protecting leather. With free sponge. Key benefits -Mess-free formulation. -Perfect for daily maintenance to prevent dirt & grease build-up or for a thorough strip-down clean. -Gentle action. -Less messy than t…
Lincoln Tack Sponge Lincoln Tack Sponge
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A handy sized sponge ideal for cleaning tack. Size: 4" x 3" x 1.5".