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Leather Care

Leovet Leather Balsam 500ml Leovet Leather Balsam 500ml
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Leather Balsam Makes leather shine Makes leather shine. Revives aged leather and gives it a beautiful shine. Daily, gentle care without over-saturating the leather. Suitable for all smooth leathers. Petroleum free – eco friendly
Leovet Leather Care Intensive 250ml Leovet Leather Care Intensive 250ml
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Leather Care Intensive - with carnauba wax Easy cleaning and care for leather A gentle, satin sheen emulsion for all smooth leather, riding boots, and shoes. Active dirt-removing agents ensure effortless cleaning. Helps to remove heavy and stubborn dirt on leather and metal parts. The carnauba wax transforms into a satin sheen finish soon after application. Also protects all types of leather again…
Leovet Leather Cream 200ml Leovet Leather Cream 200ml
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The Good Olde Leathercream Keeps leather lovely and brand new looking for much longer! The Good Olde Leathercream nourishes leather with natural bee's wax, fine oils, lanolin, and carnauba wax. The cream deeply penetrates, conditioning the leather and keeping it pliable and supple. It maintains its original good grip and simply stays newer looking for much longer.
Leovet Leather Foam 200ml Leovet Leather Foam 200ml
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Leather Foam .... simply done faster! A creamy grooming, all-in-one foam: It cleanses leather, replenishes its oils, plus preserves and protects with anti-oxidants. Gives a superb shine, too.
Leovet Leather Oil 450ml Leovet Leather Oil 450ml
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Leather Oil Nourishing care for heavily used leather Fine leather oil for heavily used leather. Penetrates deep into the leather, making it smooth and durable. The light, natural oils facilitate fast penetration. An unpleasant oily film on the surface is avoided. Easy to apply, even on more inaccessible areas. Petroleum free – eco friendly
Leovet Leather Quick and Easy Spray 250ml Leovet Leather Quick and Easy Spray 250ml
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Leather Quick & Easy Combines saddle soap and leather grease Cleans and cares for smooth leather. The leather is refreshed, protected and also acquires a really long-lasting new look. Gives the leather a beautiful and natural shine. Petroleum free – eco friendly
Leovet Leather Soap 450ml Leovet Leather Soap 450ml
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Leather Soap Cleans and cares for the leather, making it supple Pure plant oils effortlessly clean leather, gently and thoroughly. The high concentration of plant glycerine and selected oils have a nourishing effect and keep the leather supple. Ideal as an allround cleaner around the stable and house. Biodegradable. Petroleum free – eco friendly