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Hoof & Leg Care

Foran Equine Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg Foran Equine Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg
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When a hot dressing is indicated or recommended, ANTIPHLOGISTINE is the product of choice. Antiphlogistine is a wet kaolin based dressing for animal use, with a characteristic odour of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. Hot poultice type dressing for external application. Before using, heat the product in it's container by placing it into very hot water so the clay based mixture becomes hot to the…
Foran Equine Arnica & Aleo Vera Leg-Gel Foran Equine Arnica & Aleo Vera Leg-Gel
€17.90 - €55.05
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Cooling and soothing gel with arnica and aloe vera. Suitable for: All horses. Effective cooling and soothing gel with arnica and aloe vera aids healing of injured or bruised areas, sore shins and revitalises hot, tired legs. Contains natural herbal medicines; arnica for bruising and aloe vera, a natural antiseptic
Foran Equine Hoof & Heel Cream Foran Equine Hoof & Heel Cream
€14.95 - €84.95
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Ultra enriched formula to keep the hoof wall, sole and heel supple, healthy and strong. Moisturising starts at the coronary band - right where hoof growth begins. Conditioning maximises flexibility and shock absorbency of the frog and heel. Don't wait until it's too late, use Foran's FLEXI-HOOF & HEEL CREAM as part of your daily routine. Keeps the hoof wall, sole and heel supple, healthy and stron…
Foran Equine Hoof Aid Foran Equine Hoof Aid
€44.95 - €256.00
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Hoof Aid Powder Biotin rich, hoof-strengthening powder for daily supplementation CONTAINS Biotin � to improve hoof quality Methionine � aid with strengthening hoof microstructure Zinc, Calcium and Phosphorus � essential minerals to aid with the development of hoof horn USE Young, growing horses have relatively greater hoof growth combined with greater overall demands on nutrients. Hoof aid provide…
Foran Equine Hoof Aid 2.5l Foran Equine Hoof Aid 2.5l
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Biotin rich hoof strengthening powder for daily supplementation. Suitable for: All horses particularly young stock and horses with problem hooves. Scientifically formulated, hoof strengthening powder containing; biotin, methionine, zinc, calcium and phosphorus to improve hoof condition and health. Hoof aid is rich in high levels of biotin, which is proven to improve hoof quality, along with essent…
Foran Equine Ice Clay Foran Equine Ice Clay
€31.95 - €96.03
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Easy to use, cooling and soothing leg clay Suitable For: All performance horses after hard work A ready-to-use, moist, cooling and soothing leg clay. Ideally applied post exercise, this clay rapidly cools by dissipating heat and thereby easing discomfort. Ice-clay cold therapy is of immediate benefit to �hot� areas and injuries and helps reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. Ice-clay contains th…
Foran Equine Kentucky Hoof Oil Foran Equine Kentucky Hoof Oil
€14.95 - €84.95
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Premium quality hoof oil, containing all natural oils and Stockholm Tar to aid hoof health and shine. Regular application of Kentucky Hoof Oil improves hoof strength, quality and growth and keeps the hoof wall, sole and heel supple and healthy. Kentucky Hoof Oil also available as Eazi Brush Hoof Oil, a convenient brush can for ease of transport and application
Foran Equine M.R.S. 500g Foran Equine M.R.S. 500g
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M.R.S is a Skin protecting ointment with tea tree oil. Suitable for: All horses in wet, muddy conditions. Effective moisture barrier ointment with added tea tree oil to protect skin and heels. Helps maintain skin barrier in muddy wet conditions and forms a protective layer to prevent bacteria gaining access to damaged skin. Contains the naturally healing antiseptic tea tree oil to aid skin restora…