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Airvent Gel Airvent Gel save
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Soothing gel formulation made with the finest aromatic oils. Maximises air power while gently lubricating the throat and nasal passages with its soothing and releasing vapours. Directions For Use To be administered orally Bodyweight Dose per Day >300kg Full Syringe 50ml 300kg 1/2 Syringe 25ml Do not exceed recommended dose. As rules of racing and competition vary internationally, we recommend cons…
Airvent Syrup Airvent Syrup save
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Maximises air power while gently lubricating the throat and nasal passages with its soothing and releasing vapours. To be mixed daily with feed BODYWEIGHT DOSE PER DAY >300KG 50ml 300KG 25ml Do not exceed recommended dose. As rules of racing and competition vary internationally, we recommend consultation with local regulatory authorities before using this product.
Breeze Up Liquid Breeze Up Liquid save
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Healthy breathing is essential for horses and ponies which may be affected by external factors such as infections. Breeze-up has been formulated to assist healthy breathing in hostile environments where dust is present.
Clean As A Whistle Clean As A Whistle save
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A respiratory system under stress will result in under performance. This classic and demulcent blend of extracted herbs nutritionally support the respiratory system of the performance equine.
Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250g Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250g save
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Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup Concentrated syrup to instantly sooth the respiratory system. Deep penetrating multi action formula for dust irritations.
Honey & C 1l Honey & C 1l save
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A highly palatable syrup containing selected liquid herbal extracts, including thyme, vitamin C, horehound, and liquorice which have traditionally been used to maintain respiratory health. Specially blended palatable syrup of honey and herbal airway soothers fortified with Vitamin C to aid respiratory health Contains Honey – a natural soothing agent Herbal promoters of respiratory health – Thyme,…
Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup save
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Half Cheek Rubber Dexter Bit. Rubber Bits Stainless steel with rubber covering.  Rubber covered bits generally have thicker mouths, making them softer and particularly suited to sensitive mouths.  Available as mild, flexible rubber or treated with heat to produce a harder rubber which has a slightly stronger action.  It is important that the horse salivates effectively using rubber mouthpiece bits…
Lincoln Herbs Breathability - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Breathability - 1kg save
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Lincoln Herbs Breathability A scientifically formulated, natural supplement to support the respiratory function. It promotes the natural expulsion of mucus to keep the airways open & functioning effectively. Horses who are sensitive to pollen & mould spores will benefit from the natural support that Breathability offers. High in Vitamin C, Breathability helps to combat oxidative stress.
NAF Easy Breathing NAF Easy Breathing save
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Easy Breathing Powder A comprehensive blend of herbs specifically chosen for their beneficial effects on lung tissue integrity. Must be fed regularly over a prolonged period, due to the cumulative effects of herbs. Easy Breathing Liquid Similar herbal combination to Easy Breathing in a liquid form. Easily absorbed so may be of particular benefit to older horses with compromised digestion.
NAF Kof-Eze 500ml NAF Kof-Eze 500ml save
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A soothing syrup of peppermint and teatree oil.
NAF Respirator NAF Respirator save
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Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Contains a high concentration of procyanadins with ortho pherolic groups which are particularly potent antioxidants. Recommended for horses with hypersensitivities to external airborne irritants such as dust, spores, mould and pollen.
NAF Respirator Boost NAF Respirator Boost save
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When speed counts, powerful Respirator Boost provides the ultimate blend of nutrients to support respiratory immunity and clear the way for optimum lung function.
Wendals Special Respiration Wendals Special Respiration save
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A finer ground variation of our Wendals Respiration. Horses tend to inhale more of the mix while eating which can improve the natural discharge of mucus and further soothe the respiratory system. Ideal for horses with particularly bad or stubborn cases of mucus discharge.
Xlint Tub 25kg Xlint Tub 25kg save
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Xlint is a completely natural animal feed supplement, specially extracted from the finest Irish Flax and carefully processed so that it is rich in Omega-3 Oil, protein, fibre, calcium phosphorous and vitamin E. Xlint supports the horse's health, condition and appearance by helping their digestive and excretory system, producing a marked improvement in their coat. An ever growing body of research i…