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Copper Suplements

Bio Copper Chelate Syringe 30ml Bio Copper Chelate Syringe 30ml
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An adequate intake of the trace mineral copper is essential for cartilage formation and maturation in young growing horses. Reduced copper is particularly prevalent in the British Isles where soils have low copper levels or in areas where soil has a high Molybdenum level. To ensure the level of copper in the diet is between 20-50 mg/kg of total feed consumed a supplement, such as Bio �Copper Chela…
Chelated Copper Chelated Copper
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Copper is essential for healthy growth and development. Chelated copper ensures maximum copper absorption by the horse. This copper supplement has been formulated to provide your horse with an easily absorbed form of Copper and Vitamin E in a cost effective way. Product Information CHELATED COPPER & VITAMIN E is a complementary feedingstuff for horses. It is particularly useful for feeding to broo…
Chelated Syringe Chelated Syringe
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Chelated Copper Gel greatly enhances the absorption fo the copper across the gut wall into the horses� body. It is in a convenient syringe form for easy feeding to horses in the field, in transit, and also to shy feeders, or horses in recuperation. Instructions for use Oral supplement for adult horses: Place nozzle on back of horses� tongue and dispense one full syringe every 7 � 14 days Oral supp…
Copper Max Paste 30g Copper Max Paste 30g
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A palatable, easy-to-use paste formulation containing Copper, Zinc and biotin all in a 30g graduated oral dosing syringe. Ideally suited for horses at grass but also may be used in the management of Copper in take of those horses kept indoors where daily in-feed supplementation is not the preferred choice. A chelated Copper and Zinc syringe for convenient supplementation CONTAINS Chelated Copper –…
Coppervit Coppervit
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An important source of organic dietary copper, balanced with manganese and vitamins, which is ideal when feed values are too low due to insufficient quantity or availability. Copper offers a wide range of benefits, from improving coat colour to helping the formulation of red cells, collagen and cartilage and plays a significant role in reducing epiphysitis, osteochondrosis, wobbler syndrome and ot…