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Foal & Weanling

Calphormin Calphormin
€59.20 - €295.80
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CALPHORMIN is unique in that it contains a balanced combination of macro-minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and the added benefit of Sodium Zeolite a bioavailable silicon-containing compound. The foundations for a horse's future success can be laid down before it is even born. Ensuring the broodmare has the correct balance of macro-minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids to pass on to her new…
Chelated Copper Chelated Copper
€35.60 - €156.75
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Chelated Copper Powder TRM TRM'S Chelated Copper range was formulated to provide horses with an easily absorbed form of copper, bringing together the trace mineral copper and amino acids. This process greatly enhances the absorption of copper across the gut wall into the horses body. This product range is particular useful for feeding to broodmares and young stock. This product also contains: Vita…
Chelated Copper Syringe TRM Chelated Copper Syringe TRM
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TRM Chelated Copper Syringe Chelated Copper Gel is in a convenient syringe form for easy feeding to horses in the field, in transit, and also to shy feeders, or horses in recuperation. Use: Oral Supplement for Foals and Yearlings: Place nozzle on back of horses tongue and dispense half a syringe every 7-14 days.
Diazorb Syringe 60ml Diazorb Syringe 60ml
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For the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets in foals DIAZORB should be added to the normal feed ration or fed direct. Feed for 3-5 days. Bentonite - is a gastrointestinal adsorbent recommended to adsorb and neutralise toxins - Binds with water Pectin - Is a dietary fibre and energy source for cells in gastrointestinal wall. - Stimulates water and colonic sodium retention – important i…
Foran Equine Atta-Sorb Gel Foal 60ml Foran Equine Atta-Sorb Gel Foal 60ml
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Suitable for foals with persistent loose droppings and to replace electrolyte loss CONTAINS Attapulgites – to protect the natural healthy bacterial flora of the gut Sodium, Potassium and Chloride – electrolytes to maintain fluid balance Pectin – absorbent binding agent to help firm droppings USE Atta-Sorb Gel is a safe, effective adjunctive support for use in foals with digestive upset Convenient…
Foran Equine Copper Max Paste 30g Foran Equine Copper Max Paste 30g
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Foran Copper Max Paste A palatable, easy-to-use paste formulation containing Copper, Zinc and biotin all in a 30g graduated oral dosing syringe. Ideally suited for horses at grass but also may be used in the management of Copper in take of those horses kept indoors where daily in-feed supplementation is not the preferred choice. A chelated Copper and Zinc syringe for convenient supplementation CON…
Foran Equine Coppervit Foran Equine Coppervit
€44.95 - €152.96
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Foran Coppervit An important source of organic dietary copper, balanced with manganese and vitamins, which is ideal when feed values are too low due to insufficient quantity or availability. Copper offers a wide range of benefits, from improving coat colour to helping the formulation of red cells, collagen and cartilage and plays a significant role in reducing epiphysitis, osteochondrosis, wobbler…
Foran Equine Friska Foal 250ml Foran Equine Friska Foal 250ml
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Friska Foal 250ml is a Palatable multi-vitamin and prebiotic syrup to support foal development and gut health. Suitable for: Foals, particularly during times of stress. Friska Foal is a highly palatable, sweet syrup containing a multivitamin and prebiotic to support a foal’s nutritional needs. Friska Foal contains a concentrated mixture of essential vitamins; • Vitamin A to aid mucosa development…
Foran Equine Friska Foal 500ml Foran Equine Friska Foal 500ml
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Friska Foal gives new-born and young foals: A palatable source of vitamins and energy. A strong and healthy start. Protection and strength to weak and stressed foals. Good appetite to help maintain health and growth. Less digestive upsets, especially at time of mares foaling heat. Easier recovery after illness and antibiotic therapy. A highly palatable, energy rich syrup fortified with a range of…
Foran Equine Muscle Max Foran Equine Muscle Max
€20.95 - €79.95
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Foran Muscle Max Palatable liquid amino acid, antioxidant and B vitamins combined to support muscle development CONTAINS L-Lysine – to maximises bone and muscle growth B vitamins – for protein and energy metabolism Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant Rich in antioxidants to support fertility USES In young or weak horses, or during sales preparation; Muscle Max uses essential amino acid L-Lysine, Vi…
Foran Equine Osteo-Glycan Foran Equine Osteo-Glycan
€37.95 - €187.55
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Foran Osteo-Glycan Superior powdered supplement containing marine collagen, vitamins and minerals to support bone and joint development CONTAINS Marine Collagen plus 5 key minerals to promote bone and joint development Vitamin A – to support collagen formation Vitamin D3 – to enhance calcium absorption USE Young stock up to two years old; the majority of bone calcium, bone density and cartilage ar…
Horsepower Mares Milk Replacer Horsepower Mares Milk Replacer
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The complete first feed for orphan or rejected foals. Specifically formulated to supply the full nutrient requirements of the young foal - it is the essential standby for all horse breeders.
NAF Limestone Flour NAF Limestone Flour
€10.75 - €28.26
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A rich source of calcium designed to supplement bone growth requirements. Our pure Limestone Flour should be fed when there is a need for additional calcium in the diet to supplement bone growth requirements.
NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock Supplement NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock Supplement
€30.99 - €52.59
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A complex formula designed to provide all the micronutrients required to support optimum, rather than maximum, growth. Feed from foal to four years of age, also ideal for pregnant and lactating mares.
NutriScience Bio Copper Chelate Syringe 30ml NutriScience Bio Copper Chelate Syringe 30ml
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Nitri Science Bio Copper Chelate Syringe An adequate intake of the trace mineral copper is essential for cartilage formation and maturation in young growing horses. Reduced copper is particularly prevalent in the British Isles where soils have low copper levels or in areas where soil has a high Molybdenum level. To ensure the level of copper in the diet is between 20-50 mg/kg of total feed consume…
Provita Lacteal Syringe Provita Lacteal Syringe
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A source of live, beneficial micro-organisms for the maintenance of intestinal health. Use during periods of stress, e.g birth, change of yard, weaning etc. Each syringe contains a full course of probiotics in a 32g syringe.