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Leg Care

Absorbine Embrocation Gel 340g Absorbine Embrocation Gel 340g
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Absorbine Embrocation A soothing blend of natural herbs and oils for the temporary relief of soreness in muscles, joints and tendons. Contains a time honoured blend of calendula, Echinacea and wormwood herbs.
Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg
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When a hot dressing is indicated or recommended, ANTIPHLOGISTINE is the product of choice. Antiphlogistine is a wet kaolin based dressing for animal use, with a characteristic odour of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. Hot poultice type dressing for external application. Before using, heat the product in it's container by placing it into very hot water so the clay based mixture becomes hot to the…
Arnica & Aleo Vera Leg-Gel Arnica & Aleo Vera Leg-Gel
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Cooling and soothing gel with arnica and aloe vera. Suitable for: All horses. Effective cooling and soothing gel with arnica and aloe vera aids healing of injured or bruised areas, sore shins and revitalises hot, tired legs. Contains natural herbal medicines; arnica for bruising and aloe vera, a natural antiseptic
Carr & Day & Martin Liniment - 500 ml Carr & Day & Martin Liniment - 500 ml new
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Dual purpose liniment and rinse for use on swellings and tight, stiff muscles Description Lavender Liniment is a dual purpose liniment with both heating and cooling effects. For use on swellings, aching joints and tight stiff muscles. Arnica and witch hazel help to reduce bruising while rosemary and spike lavender increase circulation. Application Use neat as a rub before exercise to warm up cold,…
Forans M.R.S. 500g Forans M.R.S. 500g
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M.R.S is  a Skin protecting ointment with tea tree oil. Suitable for: All horses in wet, muddy conditions. Effective moisture barrier ointment with added tea tree oil to protect skin and heels. Helps maintain skin barrier in muddy wet conditions and forms a protective layer to prevent bacteria gaining access to damaged skin. Contains the naturally healing antiseptic tea tree oil to aid skin restor…
Hydrophane Event Leg Grease Hydrophane Event Leg Grease
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Hydrophane Event Leg Grease The most popular and professional event grease, designed to protect horse's legs during the rigors of cross-country events. Stays firmly in place during competition but is easily removed by using shampoo and water.
Hydrophane Protocon Ointment Hydrophane Protocon Ointment
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Hydrophane Protocon Ointment Creates a heavy duty water resistant barrier for soothing and protecting skin and heels. Ideal for wet, muddy conditions.
Hydrophane Tendon Cooling Gel Hydrophane Tendon Cooling Gel
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A cool astringent gel for use on legs after training or exercise.
Ice Clay Ice Clay
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Easy to use, cooling and soothing leg clay Suitable For: All performance horses after hard work A ready-to-use, moist, cooling and soothing leg clay. Ideally applied post exercise, this clay rapidly cools by dissipating heat and thereby easing discomfort. Ice-clay cold therapy is of immediate benefit to �hot� areas and injuries and helps reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. Ice-clay contains th…
Ice Tight Ice Tight
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This effective 24-hour leg clay needs one application and can be used instead of tubbing, icing or hosing. It contains natural clays, glycerine and aloe vera. It washes off easily with water.
Leovet Cellsius Gel 600ml Leovet Cellsius Gel 600ml
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°Cellsius GEL for horses. Water-bonding on horse's wet legs with the new WATERDROP TECHNOLOGY. Retains the cool-down effect achieved by a quick hosing down of the horse's legs. Can be applied to the horse's wet legs and stays in place much like a cooling cuff. The strong, long-lasting cooling effect penetrates deeply, stimulates fast recovery and relieves strained ligaments, tendons and muscles. C…
Leovet Cold Pack 500ml Leovet Cold Pack 500ml
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Cold Pack Improves mobility. For quickly improved mobility. Arnica, rosemary, menthol and frankincense resin relax and rejuvenate both horse and rider and benefit the whole musculature. Works in two-fold fashion: first a refreshing cool-down effect, followed by a soothing warmth penetrating deeply. Available as Cold Pack Plus with aloe vera.
Leovet Thermo Massage 500ml Leovet Thermo Massage 500ml
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Thermo-Massage Localized heat without long massages. The massage gel provides localized heat without long massages. It loosens tensions and is optimal for warming up before training and exertion. Particularly pleasant for the back musculature of trotters, or for the back musculature just before putting on the saddle. Due to its brief effect the skin and tissue are not over-stimulated.
Lincoln Arnica Cream 400g Lincoln Arnica Cream 400g
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Lincoln Arnica Cream For application to all types of bruising resulting from injuries or knocks and for application to swellings and tired and sore muscles. Key benefits -Contains extracts of arnica montana. -Traditionally used to soothe & rejuvenate bruises, sprains, swellings & soft tissue trauma. -Use before & after strenuous exercise to help to prevent stiffness. -Non-greasy formulation is eas…
Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel
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Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel A pleasantly fragranced soothing gel for application to tired muscles and bruised skin. Witch Hazel will act as an effective astringent and Arnica will optimise the natural healing process. Key benefits -A soothing, astringent gel. -Refreshes & cools tired muscles post-exercise. -Soothes minor sprains. -Cools hot, inflamed skin. -Promotes rapid natural recovery. -S…
Naf Ice Cool Naf Ice Cool
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Ice Cool is a highly effective instant cooling clay containing a blend of natural clays, together with Witch Hazel & Arnica, both well known for their naturally astringent qualities. Ice Cool Naturally cools, soothes and tightens sore, tired legs and tendons after strenuous exercise. Ice Cool is both easy to apply and even easier to wash off!
NAF Mud Gard NAF Mud Gard
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Nutritional support for skin challenged by wet, muddy conditions.
NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream
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Protect your horse's skin when exposed to wet and mud, with this rich, nourishing barrier cream.
Osteo-Glycan Osteo-Glycan
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Osteo-Glycan Superior powdered supplement containing marine collagen, vitamins and minerals to support bone and joint development CONTAINS Marine Collagen plus 5 key minerals to promote bone and joint development Vitamin A – to support collagen formation Vitamin D3 – to enhance calcium absorption USE Young stock up to two years old; the majority of bone calcium, bone density and cartilage are laid…
Restore Cream 500g Restore Cream 500g
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Foran's "Restore Cream" works as a barrier to help prevent bacteria from pentrating the skin. Easy to apply. It is suitable to use for all minor skin problems such as cuts, scratches and abrasions and skin irriations caused by wet and muddy conditions. For cuts, scratches and skin irriations. Contains all natural ingredients. Natural protective cream for cuts and skin irritations. Suitable For: Al…
Stayphlo 1.5kg Stayphlo 1.5kg
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StayPhlo is a hot clay dressing, it is a traditional formula which can be used safely on legs and muscles. StayPhlo should be heated before use. Heat required amount and apply to leg or desired area; cover with paper or plastic and bandage. Ensure StayPhlo is not excessively hot before application. Apply up to 0.5cm to desired area. Apply twice per day for 5 days or as needed. Remove with water.
Staysound Leg Clay Staysound Leg Clay
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An internationally acclaimed cold clay which cools, soothes and tightens hot tired legs. STAYSOUND is ready to use, easy to apply and has a superior longer lasting formula, with no need to wrap or bandage, and is easy to wash off.
Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard - 500ml Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard - 500ml new
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Use Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard to protect the legs from the elements and to help avoid mud fever. Apply to the legs and underbelly. Contains antibacterial agents and waterproofing properties in a barrier cream to protect legs. Fantastic for use in the colder months as a prevent or ease mud fever.