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Horse Licks & Treats

Shamrock Rectangular Tub 7.5kg (Shamrock Enterprises) Shamrock Rectangular Tub 7.5kg (Shamrock Enterprises) new
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Shamrock Horse Block Uses : Shamrock Horse Block contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for optimum health. The formulation of the product ensures the delivery of micronutrients crucial for red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone and hoof conditioning, muscle contraction and appearance (coat and skin). Available in: 7.5kg, 13kg and…
Baby Pure Salt Lick 10 x 2kg Baby Pure Salt Lick 10 x 2kg
In stock
Rockies Baby Pure Salt Licks Rockies Baby Pure Salt Licks ensure that horses and ponies get in natural form the essential sodium they need to maintain body fluid balance and prevent electrolyte deficiency. Their use is important all year round, but particularly in hot weather or after exertion. Like all Rockies products, Baby Pure Salt Licks are made from Cheshire salt, recognised as among the pur…
Horslyx Garlic Balancer Horslyx Garlic Balancer new
€20.50 - €42.00
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Horslyx Garlic Balancer What is it? Horslyx Garlic Balancer contains pure garlic oil to help provide a natural and effective way to help combat the problem of biting insects. Two independent research studies carried out at The University of Aberystwyth have shown that feeding Garlic Balancer can significantly reduce the irritation from flies and other biting insects whilst horses are at grass. The…
Horslyx Mini Gift Sleeve Horslyx Mini Gift Sleeve new
In stock
Personalise your Mini Horslyx™ with a fun range of Gift Sleeves now available. The Mini Horslyx™. Gift Sleeves are available for occasions including Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Thank You plus the fun messages of Enjoy the Ride and an in-trend Unicorn themed sleeve saying ‘Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses’. Lick not included.
Horslyx Mint Horslyx Mint new
€20.50 - €42.00
In stock
HORSLYX MINT BALANCER Horslyx Mint Balancer. What is it? Horslyx Mint Balancer is a palatable, nutrient rich lick containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing with peppermint oil for a cool refreshing flavour. The flavour of real peppermint oil is loved by many horses, making it the ideal choice for fussy equines. As with all Horslyx Balancers,…
Horslyx Mobility Horslyx Mobility new
€21.50 - €43.00
In stock
Horslyx Mobility Balancer What is it? Horslyx Mobility Balancer can be used to help maintain healthy joints in all horses, of all ages and breeds, whether for a performance horse that requires support for hard working joints, or as an aid for older horses that may have suffered from wear and tear over the years. Independent research was conducted at the University of Central Lancashire using 6 Tho…
Horslyx Original Horslyx Original new
€20.50 - €74.94
In stock
Horslyx Original Balancer What is it? Horslyx Original Balancer will balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing, helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy all year round. When fed at the recommended intake level for your horse, Original Balancer can counteract nutrient deficiencies in grass and forage whilst also being cost effective and extremely low in starch. Feeding Ori…
Horslyx Respiratory Horslyx Respiratory new
€21.10 - €43.00
In stock
Horslyx Respiratory Balancer What is it? All horses require a healthy respiratory system to ensure optimum performance. Horslyx Respiratory Balancer is an effective addition to the diet to help support all equines from the competition horse to the family pony. Respiratory Balancer is designed to provide a two-pronged approach in supporting a healthy respiratory system. Ingredients such as menthol,…
NAF Mint NAF Mint new
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100% pure to maintain appetite and healthy digestion.

Horse Licks & Treats

Whether you wish to supplement your horse’s diet, relieve boredom or simply reward your faithful friend with a tasty morsel, you will find exactly what you need here at Equine Warehouse. Our carefully chosen range of horse licks and treats has been selected from the Horselyx, Horseware, Lincoln and NAF collection plus more.

The importance of salt

Horses are unable to ingest enough salt and minerals from roughage and concentrated feed alone. It is important to supplement your horse’s diet and licks provide an excellent solution. Salt facilitates the movement of nerve impulses through the body. It also helps to transport nutrients across the cell membranes including glucose and amino acids. A crucial electrolyte, salt plays an important role in regulating the acid balance within cells as well as maintaining hydration.

Horses require 25-50 grams of salt per day to meet their requirement for sodium chloride. Most horses are good at regulating their levels of salt and so will seek out their licks when they need to but won’t overindulge.

Supplementary nutrition

If you need to provide your horse with beneficial supplements including garlic, you can do that with licks and treats too. Whether you are looking to improve mobility, calm your horse or promote healthy hooves, licks will deliver the nutrition your horse needs.

Tempting treats

It’s nice to treat your horse with something yummy but fresh fruit and vegetables can quickly rot. Our fabulous range of healthy treats provides the perfect alternatives which are sure to be gobbled up. Full of natural goodness including important vitamins and minerals, our treats enable you to reward your horse without adding excessive sugar to their diet.

Relieving boredom

Stabled horses can become bored, especially if they can’t interact with other horses. Licks are highly effective boredom busters and so are a great addition to the stall.