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NAF Devils Relief NAF Devils Relief
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When you need to comfort your horse's joints and his quality of life is your priority, give him Devil's Relief. Devils Claw and powerful antioxidants combine with MSM to maintain joint comfort and support quality of life forever. When you need to comfort your horse's joints and his quality of life is your priority, give him Devil's Relief... the choice is painless.
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As our horses get older, arthritis and rheumatism may become a problem. A&R contains natural source Glucosamine and Chondroitin with a classic blend of outstanding herbal extracts which supports the nutritional requirements of the horse to withstand arthritis and rheumatism.
Dream Mover Dream Mover
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Dream Mover is the proven combination of natural source glucosamine and chondroitin with powerful extracts of herbs. Strongly formulated to maintain the nutritional strength of the performance horse's mobility system.
Lincoln Herbs Devils Claw Root - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Devils Claw Root - 1kg
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Lincoln Herbs Devil's Claw Root Super grade tuber root from the African native herb, Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens), which is reputed worldwide for its effect on joint discomfort. Traditionally used to relieve joint pain & maintain mobility for centuries, it is considered an effective, natural, drug-free alternative in the management of horses requiring additional nutritional support for…
Wendals Devil Claw Root Wendals Devil Claw Root
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Wendals Devils Claw Root A native African plant used for many years as a natural and traditional alternative to prescription medicines to reduce winter stiffness and maintain mobility. Especially usefull in older horses. Available in 1kg container.
Wendals Easy Mover Wendals Easy Mover
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A combination of 6 specially selected herbs to support and maintain a sound and active horse. Helps promote blood supply to the muscles thereby optimising nutrient levels and helping to promote healing. Also beneficial to older horses with mobility problems.
Wendals Special Easy Mover Wendals Special Easy Mover save
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This blend contains all the benefits of Wendals Easy Mover with the additional properties of Devils Claw Root and other beneficial herbs. For the beneficial support of long term mobility problems.