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NAF Devils Relief NAF Devils Relief
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NAF Devil's Relief Devil’s Relief is a powerful combination of herbal tinctures formulated together with Devil’s Claw, a herb native to Africa. Devil’s Relief helps ease stiffness associated with limited flexibility. The older horse may particularly benefit from Devil’s Relief, not only because it directly targets stiffness, but also because the bitter action of this formulation can help stimulate…
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Herbal Wise A & R Herbal Wise A&R supports horses experiencing stiffness or soreness. DETAILS A&R is especially designed for the older horse or pony that is getting stiff and sore as old age approaches. Standing for Arthritis and Rheumatism the herbs that are combined within this product are there for the well being of the older animal. A&R has several benefits, it will help sore joints and muscle…
Dream Mover Dream Mover
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Herbal Wise Dream Mover Herbal Wise Dream Mover is strongly formulated to maintain the nutritional strength of the performance horse's mobility system. DETAILS Dream Mover is specifically designed for the sport and race horse. It helps maintain joint and muscle elasticity and hydration. Mobility problems with high impact horses are impossible to avoid. "Sore joints, feeling the ground, jarred up,…
Lincoln Herbs Flexion - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Flexion - 1kg
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Lincoln Herbs Flexion A natural herbal supplement, scientifically formulated to support & maintain joint mobility. Flexion optimises the natural properties of this unique combination of herbs to maintain healthy joints in horses & ponies of all ages, promoting comfort, flexibility & long term soundness. This powerful combination also helps to cleanse & detoxify, supporting natural recovery from st…
Wendals Easy Mover Wendals Easy Mover
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A combination of 6 specially selected herbs to support and maintain a sound and active horse. Helps promote blood supply to the muscles thereby optimising nutrient levels and helping to promote healing. Also beneficial to older horses with mobility problems.
Wendals Liquid Devils Claw Wendals Liquid Devils Claw
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Wendals Liquid Devils Claw Devil's Claw Root is a traditional and trusted natural extract commonly used with great success in the place of chemical-based prescription medicines. Extensively used to reduce winter stiffness and promote mobility, flexibility and suppleness, Wendals Liquid Devil's Claw Root is of particular benefit to the veteran or hard-working horse. *Please be advised that Devil's…