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Hilton Herbs Cush X - 1kg Hilton Herbs Cush X - 1kg
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Hilton Herbs Cush X CUSH X is formulated to maintain and support: - balanced hormonal levels - balanced endocrine and adrenal system - normal kidney and urinary function - a healthy circulation Cush X is a fine cut dry supplement containing herbs such as vitex agnus castus and milk thistle seed and can help support dogs to maintain a balanced endocrine system. Ingredients - Vitex Agnus Castus seed…
Hilton Herbs Cush X - Tub - 125g Hilton Herbs Cush X - Tub - 125g
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Hilton Herbs Cush X A clinically trialled and tested formula that will help support and maintain a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages. We have received excellent feedback on this product from customers with older horses who develop curly winter coats which they retain into the spring and summer. Contains herbs that will help maintain endocrine balance hormonal levels and su…
Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold - 1 litre Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold - 1 litre
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HILTON HERBS CUSH X GOLD Formulated to maintain and support: - pituitary health and endocrine balance - metabolic function - normal coat shedding and temperature control - balanced hormone levels - a healthy circulation - kidney and urinary function - normal energy levels ​Cush X Gold is a liquid supplement containing herbs such as vitex agnus castus and milk thistle seed. After initial use, you c…
Lincoln Herbs Hormonal - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Hormonal - 1kg
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Lincoln Herbs Hormonal A scientifically formulated herbal supplement to support the physical & emotional changes which occur during & around oestrus, avoiding the need for drug intervention or disrupting the mare’s natural cycle. Hormonal promotes calmness to improve focus & performance. Hormonal tones down the behaviour changes through nutritional support, rather than suppressing nature’s innate…
Lincoln Herbs Liver Klense - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Liver Klense - 1kg
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Lincoln Herbs Liver Klense A scientifically developed herbal supplement to support & maintain a healthy liver, optimising & supporting its diverse range of essential functions. It supports the liver cells as they work to flush out & eliminate toxins, promoting their natural recovery. Can be used for long term support or following a course of medication or wormer, when the liver cells can become st…
Lincoln herbs Mint - 600g Lincoln herbs Mint - 600g
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Lincoln Herbs Mint Lincoln Herbs Mint is 100% pure Spearmint, a natural herb loved by horses & ponies for generations. Added to the daily feed, it offers the perfect solution for fussy eaters whilst the strong aroma is perfect to disguise medications & supplements.
Lincoln Herbs Quititch - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Quititch - 1kg
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Lincoln Herbs Quititch A herbal supplement, scientifically formulated to utilise nature’s botanical properties to support the skin’s integrity & immunity, aiming to minimise itching & help prevent the associated skin damage. Particularly during the summer months, horses & ponies can be plagued with itchy, sensitive skin. Environmental triggers, flies, external parasites, summer heat & dust can all…
NAF Seaweed NAF Seaweed
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NAF Seaweed Animals whose diet includes natural access to seaweed are often noted to be particularly healthy, with a shiny coat and strong hooves. Seaweed is an excellent source of broad spectrum natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support health and vitality in all horses. It is an ideal supplement for wheat intolerant horses. Seaweed is particularly recommended when feeding below re…
Wendals Weight Gain Wendals Weight Gain
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Particularly useful in younger horses and those that are convalescing. Helps to maintain condition as part of a good balanced diet. The combination of herbs stimulates appetite and helps the digestive system to function correctly.