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Wendals Calmer - VF Wendals Calmer - VF save
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This long established variation of the Wendals Calmer formula is a proven solution to calming horses but without the inclusion of Valerian which is prohibited by some competing organisations. We recommend this formula for use in competition.
Herbal Wise Steady Neddy Herbal Wise Steady Neddy save
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Herbal Wise Steady Neddy Steady Neddy is a long term calmer for horses that are nervous or prone to excitability. It works by calming the horse allowing them to be handled and worked more easily. Guaranteed free from any prohibited substances its unique formulation allows for a calmer more easy going horse. No matter if it is a family pony or group one racehorse you will gain so much more from Ste…
Lincoln Herbs Calmness - 1kg Lincoln Herbs Calmness - 1kg save
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Lincoln Herbs Calmness A scientifically developed herbal supplement to improve the overall wellbeing & temperament of horses, whilst minimising & managing anxiety & stress. It is suitable to feed in stressful situations to promote calmness & reduce anxiety. Calmness provides a long-term change in temperament whilst helping to reduce nervous energy expelled during stressful situations, rather than…
Wendals Calmer Wendals Calmer save
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Wendals Calmer For nervous and excitable horses. Reduces nervous energy and complements performance. Can be used for stable vices and helps to overcome nervous tension with horses whilst traveling. Contains well known herbs such as Chamomile, Valerian and Hops. Helps keep nervous or excitable horses calm and relaxed Commonly used for competition and race horses, as well as horses prone to wood che…
Wendals Special Calmer Wendals Special Calmer save
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Wendals Special Calmer A specially blended variation, Wendals Special Calmer was specifically developed for the treatment of anxiety, nervousness and over-excitablity in Arab and Part-Arab breeds. Containing a selection of 9 herbs chosen specifically for their potency in Arab breeds, this formulation is high quality and well produced answer to the most difficult Arab horses. Contains chamomile, ga…