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First Aid

TEW Equine Poultice Dressing - box of 10 TEW Equine Poultice Dressing - box of 10 save
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The Equine Warehouse Poultice is a premium veterinary dressing Containing;Tragacanth and Boric Acid. Application instruction provided on box.
Equaide Superior Wound Cream Equaide Superior Wound Cream save
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Equaide Solution has been proven Safe and Effective for PROUD FLESH Elimination and prevention. The Equaide Solution accelerates wound closure without harming healthy tissues. For treatment of -Proud flesh, excessive granulation tissue -Horse wounds, punctures and bites -Wire cuts and gashes -Scrapes, scratches and cracked heels -Saddle sores, dew poisoning and rain rot lesions About Equaide Equai…
Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder 15g Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder 15g save
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Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder Developed in conjunction with the University of Lincoln, Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder has been scientifically proven to successfully kill the bacteria responsible for mud sores. It utilises the positive effects of concentrated silver – promoting natural recovery with results seen in just days! When affected skin is really sore, the unique, eas…
Aluspray 220ml Aluspray 220ml save
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ALUSPRAY� is recommended as a protective barrier against external irritant agents in wounds in small and large animals.
Animalintex - Hoof Shaped 3s Animalintex - Hoof Shaped 3s save
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Animalintex combines a proven active ingredient with a new 170gm needled cotton wool for extra strength and ease of use. Licensed for a broad range of equine injuries and conditions, new improved Animalintex is an effective healing aid that can be applied as a hot or cold wet poultice or dry wound dressing. Sold in packs of 3.
Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg Antiphlogistine Dressing 1.5kg save
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When a hot dressing is indicated or recommended, ANTIPHLOGISTINE is the product of choice. Antiphlogistine is a wet kaolin based dressing for animal use, with a characteristic odour of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. Hot poultice type dressing for external application. Before using, heat the product in it's container by placing it into very hot water so the clay based mixture becomes hot to the…
Aqueos Spray on Plaster 200ml Aqueos Spray on Plaster 200ml save
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Aqueos Spray on Plaster Protects minor cuts and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria. Film forming silver aluminium micronized spray Bandage like protection. Reduces the risk of infection. Aids the natural healing process. Remains elastic and permeable to air. Excellent adhesive properties, stays in place while wound heals. Easy to apply in awkward areas.
Barrier Sunburn Soother Barrier Sunburn Soother save
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Liquid formulation for rapid penetration. Helps repair raw, sore areas and gives factor 25 protection. Natural non-toxic ingredients. No perfumes or artificial thickeners. Free from all prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules.
Battles 10% Iodine Spray Battles 10% Iodine Spray save
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Battles 10% Iodine  A concentrated skin disinfectant for use in the management of livestock. Teh iodine is alcohol based for rapid drying and maximum effectiveness. So what every the the requirement , navel dripping or sraying you can be sure of gauranteed quality
Black AntiBacterial Powder Black AntiBacterial Powder save
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An anti-bacterial powder for use on horses.
Blue Spray Blue Spray save
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For use as a general antiseptic to help fight bacteria and germs.
Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler save
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Quickly cools and soothes hot, tired or filled legs. Concentrated, fast-acting gel in a pump dispenser for ease of use. Contains camphor, menthol, arnica and witch hazel to help dispere heat and bruising. Can also be diluted for use as a refreshing body wash.
Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus 500g Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus 500g save
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�A thick pink grease that acts as a natural barrier. �Contains an added anti-bacterial agent and the added benefit of natural citronella. �Ideal as a protective barrier in wet and muddy conditions, for minor skin irritations and cuts and grazes.
Carr & Day & Martin Wound Cream 180g Carr & Day & Martin Wound Cream 180g save
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�Advanced, scientific formula allows the skin to breathe freely and heal �correctly� in beneficial moist conditions, helping to reduce healing time of minor cuts, scratches and abrasions. �Easy to use, squeezy tube is foil sealed and provides hygienic application to prevent cross-contamination.
Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel 225g Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel 225g save
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A soothing Aloe Vera gel to optimise skin condition in horses. This gentle moisturising gel is beneficial for minor skin irritations and damaged skin.
Dermoline Cooling Body Wash 500ml Dermoline Cooling Body Wash 500ml save
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A revitalising cooling body wash containing natural tea tree oil for use after exercise.
Dermoline Medicated Shampoo Dermoline Medicated Shampoo save
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Effective antibacterial shampoo with added coat conditioner to optimise coat and skin condition for a fresh, non scurf coat.
Dermoline Skin Ointment 100g Dermoline Skin Ointment 100g save
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A soothing and cooling ointment containing calamine, sulphur and coal tar. Helps overcome common dry skin problems and stimulates repair.
Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream 240g Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream 240g save
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A protective antibacterial wound cream for horses. Combining the antibacterial and soothing benefits of zinc oxide and tea tree oil. Provides a natural barrier to bacterial invasion allowing optimum natural healing. Soothes and protects.
Dermoline Tea Tree Shampoo Dermoline Tea Tree Shampoo save
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An antibacterial shampoo containing natural extracts of tea tree to thoroughly cleanse and care for the coat. Regular use will help maintain a healthy skin and coat and be beneficial for scurf and other skin conditions.
Dermosalve 300g Dermosalve 300g save
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Green skin ointment with natural Tea Tree Oil and Cod Liver Oil a natural source of vitamins A & D. For general skin care especially heels. Conditioning and soothing. Safe for racing and competition horses.
Dressing Scissors Dressing Scissors save
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Straight edge for cutting dressings. Supplied in a wallet.
Effax - Ice Pack Effax - Ice Pack save
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Effol Ice-Pack Help which sells like hot-cakes: for speedy cold treatment in just seconds in the practical and secure ruck-zuck-pack. Especially safe to transport because the effol ice-pack is activated by pulling rather than pressure. For cooling in the case of accidents, excess strain on tendons and ligaments. Or as a prophylactic measure e.g. after competitions, endurance riders etc.
Elastoplast 10cm (1s) Elastoplast 10cm (1s) save
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Provides exceptional levels of support and compression. Ideal for treating general strains and sprains as well as sporting injuries. - Low allergy adhesive to minimise adverse skin reactions. - Feathered edges provide additional patient comfort. - Central line aids positioning during application
Elastoplast 7.5cm (1s) Elastoplast 7.5cm (1s) save
Available to order
Elastooplast is an Elastic cohesive bandage. Widely used over dressings and also to protect shoes while travelling.
Farm & Stable Wound Powder 100g Farm & Stable Wound Powder 100g save
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FARM AND STABLE SKIN CARE POWDER is an ideal dressing containing fly repellents for general purpose use on animals. Powder dressing for general purpose use.
Forans M.R.S. 500g Forans M.R.S. 500g save
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M.R.S is  a Skin protecting ointment with tea tree oil. Suitable for: All horses in wet, muddy conditions. Effective moisture barrier ointment with added tea tree oil to protect skin and heels. Helps maintain skin barrier in muddy wet conditions and forms a protective layer to prevent bacteria gaining access to damaged skin. Contains the naturally healing antiseptic tea tree oil to aid skin restor…
Gentian Violet Spray 240ml Gentian Violet Spray 240ml save
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Purple spray containing 0.5% gentian violet for application to minor cots and scratches. Non sting aqueous formulation.
hot and cold Pack 25x12cm hot and cold Pack 25x12cm save
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- reuseable cooling/heating pad - to heat in the microwave or to cool in the fridge
Hydro Bandage Tape Hydro Bandage Tape save
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A generous roll of good quality tape. Secure and durable.