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Pet Care Books

Clicker Training For Clever Cats Clicker Training For Clever Cats
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Learning can be fun! There is a method of learning which no mammal is impervious to - not even the cat. It is called classical conditioning and is used in a very specific way as part of clicker training. Every click results in something positive for the cat: a treat, a cuddle, a favourite game. And because cats are intelligent they quickly understand what kind of behaviour gets them a click and a…
Complete Jack Russell Complete Jack Russell
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This book covers the Jack Russell as a dog first and foremost, but also covers its showing under both standards (the Kennel Club and the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain), and even reproduces the standards for each. The history of the breed is carefully traced, and the book covers all aspects of the breed - care, feeding, showing, first aid, medical treatment, housing, training and breed…
Man Trailing Book by Cadmos Man Trailing Book by Cadmos
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The extraordinary sensory skills of dogs are often indispensable, but especially in search and rescue missions. In man-trailing, the dogs sense of smell can be trained to find and follow vital human trails. 96 pages. Paperback. by Cadmos Books
The Pack Concept Book by Cadmos The Pack Concept Book by Cadmos
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The simple truth about living with dogs This book presents some amazing new truths about dealing and communicating with dogs based on behavioural biology. Uli K�ppel, a pupil of kynologist Eberhard Trumler, focuses on relationship training for the human-dog team in place of exploitative training. To help us understand the special relationship between humans and dogs, he traces back its origins and…