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Bentley Lucky Star Bucket Brush Bentley Lucky Star Bucket Brush
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Slip Not is a top UK grooming brand, with a range of products suitable for all riders. All Slip Not products are manufactured to a high standard and utilise soft grip technology to provide both comfortable and effective grooming. The products in the Slip Not range are lightweight, easy to use and durable, providing customers with great value. The innovative and unique blackberry and lime star patt…
Bridleway Suedette Hat Cover Bridleway Suedette Hat Cover
In stock
Give your skull cap an elegant look with these synthetic stretch suede hat covers. Featuring elastic inserts around the edge, a velvet finished button and a stiffened peak.
Celtic Tartan Riding Whip Celtic Tartan Riding Whip
In stock
Celtic Equine Tartan Riding Whip is a fashionable whip comes with a two tone handle and checked pattern along shaft and keeper.This whip is 65cm in length. Available in blue, grey,red, green and black.
Childrens Threadstem Whip (24) Childrens Threadstem Whip (24)
In stock
This coloured whip is 27� long and features a plastic handle at one end and narrow leather keeper at the other. The whip comes in many different colours and has a leather loop.
Ezi-Groom Body Brush - Goat Hair Ezi-Groom Body Brush - Goat Hair
In stock
Soft hold grip back, web hand strap, 2.5cm super soft goat hair bristles for raising a brilliant shine.
Ezi-Groom Body Brush Small Ezi-Groom Body Brush Small
In stock
Soft hold grip back, web hand strap, 2.5cm soft synthetic bristles.
Ezi-Groom Body Brush - Large Ezi-Groom Body Brush - Large
In stock
Soft hold grip back, web hand strap, 20cm long, 2.5cm soft bristles, For clipped horses or fine coats.
Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush
In stock
Plastic contoured back, 5cm long synthetic bristles. Ideal for removing muc and sweat from unclipped horses and ponies without removing the essential oils from the coat.
Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush - Large Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush - Large
In stock
Soft hold grip back, 4.5cm synthetic stiff bristles for removing dirt and dust from coats.
Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush -Long Bristle Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush -Long Bristle
In stock
Soft hold grip handle with 7.5cm stiff bristles
Ezi-Groom Wash Brush Ezi-Groom Wash Brush
In stock
Ezi-groom wash brush in two colours
Father Christmas Advent Calendar Father Christmas Advent Calendar
In stock
Fun advent calendar packed with 24 individual opening windows each containing Lincoln Horse Bix. Seasonal decorative design.
Glitza Sport Glitza Sport
In stock
LITZA SPORT HORSE RIDING TATTOO FUN WITH GLITTER PRODUCT NO. 7479600 Cool fun for stylish kids. Simple to use! Choose a tattoo, stick the sticky layer onto a smooth surface and decorate with the glitter powder. Contents: 2 tattoo sheets, 2 minitubs of glitter (1 gram each), 1 brush. instructions in D, GB, F, E, NL. From 8 years. NOTE! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Involves small parts -…
Grooming Box - Light - Set of 6 Pieces - Lilac Grooming Box - Light - Set of 6 Pieces - Lilac
In stock
Grooming Box - Light - Set of 6 Pieces - Lilac - plastic - big box 42x32x42 cm
Grooming Box Light - set of 6 Pieces - Red Grooming Box Light - set of 6 Pieces - Red
In stock
Grooming Box - Light - Set of 6 Pieces - Red - plastic - big box 42x32x42 cm
Haas Diamond Gloss Haas Diamond Gloss new
In stock
Diamonds are a girl's best ... With the Diamond Gloss glossy brush you can have both and make your friend jealous of the best shine of your horse and your grooming kit. This very elegant design - in classic black with leather hand strap, super dense, soft and natural horse hair bristle make this a great brush. Don't forget about internal glitter and HAAS' chic golden Horse Love Logo ...
Haas Diamond Wurzel Haas Diamond Wurzel new
In stock
Haas Diamond Wurzel Brush Now in stock! The Haas Diamond Wurzel Brush is a high quality Rice Root bristle brush, Its dense robust bristles removes even stubborn dirt with ease.
Haas Diva Exklusiv Haas Diva Exklusiv new
In stock
Haas brushes combine extraordinary bristles composition, handcrafted backs and the latest technologies to produce the highest quality brushes to ensure a long lasting product. Pamper your horse with the softest, most amazing brush Perfect for finishing touches around the most sensitive areas Outer row of medium bristles surround the lamb’s wool center Plastic back and comfortable elastic form fitt…
Haas Fellglanzburste Haas Fellglanzburste new
In stock
Haas Body Brush "Fellglanzbürste" - a light, soft, densely woven Horsehair brush. It full fills all the needs for grooming and finishes with a pampering effect. An ideal brush for sensitive horses. brush material: mix of horsehair Backside: plastic Colour of the backside: wood imitation Size: 200 x 85 mm
Haas Kavallerie Haas Kavallerie new
In stock
Pure, robust mane and tail horse hair are the materials used for this grooming brush. The outside bristle ring is placed longer around for an optimal grooming result. The strenght and elasticity of this horsehair bristles from mane and tail hair are mixed in this bristle of highest quality. The guarantee for a shiny coat.
Haas Lipizzaner Damen Haas Lipizzaner Damen new
In stock
An exclusive horse hair mixture is used for this brush. The border is edged with longer black horse hair. The shorter bristles for gentle cleaning and the longer for removing dust and giving gloss.
Haas Military Damen Haas Military Damen new
In stock
Haas Military The shorter and stronger bristles are for a thorough cleaning effect, whilst the longer bristles remove dust and enhance the shine. This brush really locks into a soft coat and ensures that every dirt, sweat and dust is taken to the surface of the coat. A particularly strong horse hair mixture has been used for this brush. The border is edged with longer bristles.
Haas Parcour Haas Parcour new
In stock
HAAS brushes are patented. Generally HAAS uses specially selected synthetic materials as the basis for all brushes and combs. These synthetics provide: better hygiene (all products are washable) increased reliability longevity comfortable handling water resistance precision manufacturing retention of bristles shatter resistance
Haas Schimmel Haas Schimmel new
In stock
Haas Schimmel Brush The Schimmel Brush is created with a mixture of coconut fibres to easily lift stubborn stable and grass stains. Schimmel (which means white horse in German) is particularly good for grooming Grey/White horses.
Hat Cover Hat Cover
In stock
Hat Cover Stretch hat cover with stiffened peak. One Size (53 - 62cm). 90% nylon, 10% spandex
Hippo-Tonic Noeud Grooming Set Hippo-Tonic Noeud Grooming Set
In stock
Adorable little grooming set to clean your pony with elegance. Polka dot print P.V.C. backs with body brush, curry comb and hoof pick all featuring a nice knit/fabric bow. Contains: - an oval plastic curry comb with elastic strap, - a small dandy brush with 40 mm polypropylene bristles, - a small body brush with elastic strap with 30 mm polypropylene bristles, - a hoof pick with hoof brush, - a ta…
Hippo-Tonic Washing Kit Green Hippo-Tonic Washing Kit Green
In stock
Features Do not worry about washing you horse anymore! With this washing kit, everything is at hand in a compact format! Contains: - 1 sponge to apply shampoo - 1 double faced pimpled grooming glove to rub in shampoo - 1 P.V.C. sweat scraper to wipe off water - 1 polyester microfibre chenille glove for a shiny finish.
HKM Grooming Step Box Deep Blue/Black HKM Grooming Step Box Deep Blue/Black
In stock
HKM Grooming Step Box Deep Blue/Black - best quality material - Extremely lightweight and shatterproof - Inlet for small pieces
HKM 4 Piece Clean Kit HKM 4 Piece Clean Kit
In stock
- assorted colours