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Heavy Turnout Fixed Neck Combo Horse Rugs

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Heavy Turnout Fixed Neck Combo

Providing complete protection from the elements for your horse, our heavy weight fixed neck turnout rugs are the discerning choice. Fashioned from technical fabrics, each of our heavy weight fixed neck rugs for horses have been chosen from a leading equestrian range and so you can expect premium quality and longevity. A number of additional features are also available and your horse will enjoy the highest level of comfort, whichever rug you choose.

Why Choose a heavy weight turnout fixed neck combo horse rug?

Combo rugs incorporate a neck cover and so they deliver superior insulation in the coldest conditions. The neck also prevents water from running inside the shoulder area of the rug for enhanced comfort. Horses’ resilience to the cold varies but if your horse becomes chilly in the colder weather, a heavy weight fixed neck rug could be just what you need.

About our fixed neck combo horse rugs

Heavy weight rugs are designed to protect your horse in the worst of the weather and so are fashioned from robust, waterproof and breathable fabrics including 1000D ballistic nylon. The exceptional fits and secure closures ensure that your horse retains the freedom of movement he needs. We have selected the latest styles from the Horseware Amigo, Bridleway, Shires, Horseware Rambo and Horseware Rhino collections. These are the names you can trust to deliver exceptional performance. Better still, many of our rugs offer additional benefits including nylon linings to prevent rubbing and tail flaps.

Heavy weight fixed neck Combo horse rugs fill and sizing

Our heavy turnout rugs boast fills of 300g to 400g. Always monitor your horse closely after investing in a new rug or a different level of fill to ensure that he does not become too hot or too cold. It is important to establish the correct level of fill for your horse but also the right size of rug. If the rug is too small it will restrict your horse’s movement. If it is too large, it could slip and the insulation it offers will be diminished.

Our measuring guide and the size chart of each product will enable you to select the correct size of turnout rug for your horse. If he is between sizes, choose the larger of the two as the rugs are adjustable.



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