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Turnout & Misc

Airflow Turnout Socks Shires - Natural Airflow Turnout Socks Shires - Natural
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Airflow Turnout Socks Specially designed from airflow fabrics to keep bothersome flies and biting insects off the legs. Lightweight fabrics, ergonomic shaping and fleece bound edges ensure superior comfort. With touch close fastenings
Cavallo Cute Little Boot - One Size Cavallo Cute Little Boot - One Size
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Cavallo Cute Little Boot The Cavallo Cute Little Boot is just that - cute! Made from a heavy duty, industrial grade 1680 Denier nylon upper, with an exclusive patented front opening system for ease. Complete with side draining slots to allow water to enter and exit, and air to circulate. Includes reflective logos for safety, and a replaceable velcro closure system. Sizing: M2 - 62-72mm wide, and 7…
Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad
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Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad For use with Simple Boots. Removable insole for additional comfort. Simply cut the pattern to your Simple boot size. Insert into boot. One size fits all! The pad gives greater shock absorption, sole, bar and frog stimulation, extra cushioning, increased circulation, minimizing fatigue and gives a tighter fit. Sold in pairs.
Cavallo Simple Boot Cavallo Simple Boot
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SIMPLE Boot is a Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot, excellent for: -All-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse -Comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity -Rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels -Protection during trailering and breeding -Your peace of mind: Take on rides as a �spare tire� for lost shoes
Equi-Boot Equi-Boot
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The EQUIBOOT® provides protection to the sole over all terrain. It is easy to fit, secures well onto the hoof and is easily carried on the 'D' ring of the saddle. It is an essential piece of kit when undertaking long distance rides in particular. The EQUIBOOT® is made from a tough, durable outer with a metal clip on the front to hold the boot in place. Ideal for everyday riding as well as roadwork…
Mud Socks Mud Socks
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Neoprene mud socks designed to keep legs cleaner and drier during the winter. Fastened with touch and close fastening and shaped to fit the horse's leg.
Neoprene Turnout Boot Neoprene Turnout Boot
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Neoprene boot covering the length of the leg from the hock or knee down. Offers full protection and support and can be used as an easy alternative to stable bandages with or without gamgee.
Pastern Wrap Pastern Wrap
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A simple design with astonishing efficiency - designed to provide additional protection to the pastern from awkward knocks and injuries in an area that bandages and boots do not cover. - Breathable neoprene keeps pastern area cool - Plush outer finish for unlimited strap adjustment and a secure fit - High density single lock strap - Suitable for exercise or turnout - Sold as pair
Pastern Wraps Pastern Wraps
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Dense neoprene helps protect the pasterns against knocks and blows.  Fabric outers for comfort and durability whilst touch close straps ensure a secure fit. Sold in pairs
Performance Mud Socks Performance Mud Socks
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A deluxe version the popular mud boots featuring ergonomic shaping to ensure a close, comfortable fit, dense neoprene to protect against bumps and scrapes and secure touch close straps. Suitable for front or hind legs.
Temporary Shoe Boot Temporary Shoe Boot
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This boot is a temporary shoe replacement and potects the tender frog and sole. The simple pull-on design allows for easy application. It secures with a strong nylon strap and protects without damaging the hoof wall. This boot is sized like a horseshoe, so please consult your farrier for the correct size.
Zandona Turnout Boot Air Rear Black Zandona Turnout Boot Air Rear Black
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Description The innovative Turnout Boots Air are light and comfortable boots for everyday use, 100% Made in Italy. Their versatility makes them perfect for flat work, walking, paddock and so on. The internal lining is made by a special textile of Real Wool, which offers the benefits of Natural Thermoregulation for the ultimate comfort of your horse during all seasons. The boots, completely perfora…