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Bit Burr - 9cm Diameter Bit Burr - 9cm Diameter
In stock
Used for horses that refuse to turn to one side, or that hang to one side. The burr is fitted to the bit between the horse's cheek and the bridle with the burrs facing towards the horse. The rein action pulls the burrs towards the nose and the horse reacts by turning away.
Bit Burr - Bristle Cheek Guides Bit Burr - Bristle Cheek Guides
In stock
Mounted with leather backing and slit. Sold singly.
Bit Guards Bit Guards
In stock
Designed to help prevent the bit pinching the horses lips, bit guards are most often seen on bridles which have loose ring snaffles. Sold in pairs. Comes in Black and Brown colours.
Bit Snaps Bit Snaps
In stock
Attaches a bit easily to your headcollar.
Bit Straps Bit Straps
In stock
Quality English leather with brass fittings, one size, Ideal for sales preparation.
Blenheim Chifney Bit Strap Blenheim Chifney Bit Strap
In stock
Blenheim Chifney Bit Strap Stitched Blenheim leather headpiece for a chifney bit, with hook stud billets. Colour: Black, Havana
Blenheim Hackamore Leathers Blenheim Hackamore Leathers
In stock
Replacement leather straps for the English hackamore. COMPOSITION Blenheim quality leather BRAND Blenheim
In stock
Shires Blenheim Leather cheeks for the Cheltenham Gag. Comes in Black and Havana colour. Onesize.
CE T-Piece CE T-Piece
In stock
This T-piece coupling is made from supple high quality "Full Grain" leather with solid brass hardware designed for showing Stallions, Mares and Yearlings
Curb Chain Curb Chain
€8.65 - €14.70
In stock
Double link stainless steel.
Double Link Curb Chain Double Link Curb Chain
In stock
The double link curb chain is the traditional curb chain supplied with most curbed horse bits sold in the UK. The double links lay more sympathetically against the horses jaw, and this double link curb chain is ideal to replace a lost or damaged curb from and existing bit
Elastic Curb Chain Elastic Curb Chain
In stock
An alternative to the conventional metal curb chain.
Gumbits for Horses 85g Gumbits for Horses 85g
In stock
GumBits These amazing little balls, from a specialist company in Atlanta, USA, are 'candy for a horse's mouth' a god send for horse's who can be difficult with the bit. When the mouth is agitated and tense grinding often occurs which can be a very hard habit to break. Grinding can even occur when horses are on a perfectly good contact, engaged and working in a correct shape. GumBits prevent as wel…
Hackamore Cheeks Hackamore Cheeks
In stock
Made from stainless steel. Sold in pairs
HY Gag Cheek Pieces HY Gag Cheek Pieces
Available to order
Collegiate cheltenham gag cheek pieces are designed to be used with gag bits that have two holes in the ring for them to pass through.
Leather Coupling Blenheim leather Leather Coupling Blenheim leather
In stock
Blenheim quality leather couplings
Leather Curb Chain Leather Curb Chain
In stock
The leather curb chain is used instead of the double link curb chain usually supplied with bits to give a softer feel. Leather curb chains eliminate the sharpness sometimes felt by the horse from the metal links in traditional curb chains.
Leather Newmarket Attachment Leather Newmarket Attachment
In stock
With solid brass clips, dee and swivel.
LeMieux Bit Butter 2oz LeMieux Bit Butter 2oz
In stock
Bit Butter The best kept secret this side of the Atlantic… now out! Moisturises & heals the mouth Restores feeling & comfort Encourages acceptance of the bit This special formulation from America provides soothing care to the mouth. Bit Butter replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse's mouth. Enriched with a "mouth softening complex" that incl…
LeMieux Pro-Gel Curb Guard Black LeMieux Pro-Gel Curb Guard Black
In stock
Pro-Gel Curb Guard Black Offers vital protection from rubbing and chaffing. Discrete with easy velcro fastenings. Features unique Thermo gel which offers superior moulding to any shape. Permitted in affiliated competition. Available in black only. Wipe clean with a damp cloth Do not machine wash Do not tumble dry Do not expose to direct heat
Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 In Pony Black Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 In Pony Black
In stock
Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 - Black Mackey classic quality leather replacement cheek piece for bridle.
Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 In Pony Brown Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 In Pony Brown
In stock
Mackey Classic Cheek Pieces 5/8 - Brown Mackey classic quality leather replacement cheek piece for bridle.
Pelham Roundings Pelham Roundings
In stock
Top quality leather roundings with hook stud fastenings.
Performance Supafleece Chin Guard Performance Supafleece Chin Guard
In stock
Performance Supafleece Chin Guard Protect a delicate chin with this soft SupaFleece chin guard. Fastens over straps with two touch close fastenings.
Rolled Leather Lip Strap Rolled Leather Lip Strap
In stock
Will keep the curb chain in the correct position.
Rubber Curb Chain Guard Rubber Curb Chain Guard
In stock
Helps to make the curb chain more comfortable for the horse to wear with no negative influence on the curbs action.
Rubber Tongue Port Black Rubber Tongue Port Black
In stock
Ideal for horses who tend to stretch their tongue above the mouthpiece. This special bit features an extra expanded tongue stretcher.
Sealtex Latex Bandage Sealtex Latex Bandage
In stock
This is the only bandage that is completely unaffected by water. It doesn't have a weave or mesh to become clogged with mud and therefore absorbs no water. Use to wrap bits where rubbing has occurred or legs whatever its use no fasteners are required, Sealtex sticks soundly to itself, yet to nothing else. It will not loosen but is elastic!
Silicone Bit Guards Silicone Bit Guards
In stock
These silicone bit guards are super stretchy for easy application. Shape is retained once in place.