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Equi Cool Down Body Wrap Equi Cool Down Body Wrap save
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For cooling relief after exercise or during hot weather. Ideal for horses suffering from Anhidrosis (inability to sweat normally) or other heat related syndromes. May significantly alleviate symptoms arising from Laminitis, Allergies, Thermoregulation, Cushing’s Disease or Inflammatory Airway Disease. Flexible, adjustable leg and chest straps hold the wrap in place without restricting movement. Re…
Equi Cool Down Neck Wrap Equi Cool Down Neck Wrap save
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Provides gentle, non-evasive cool therapy for neck soreness, post-injection swelling or core body cooling via the jugular. Flexible and easy to use, simply immerse in cool water and fit. Fully adjustable stretch fastenings. Size: 15" x 63"€ WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash or machine wash cool with mild detergent.
Mother Bee Soothe & Protect Cream 280ml Mother Bee Soothe & Protect Cream 280ml save
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Soothe & Protect…. Ideal for all animals. It will soothe all itches or sores, it will heal the site of the problem and the unique effect of the bees wax protects the skin but leaves it breathable. It’s been used on Horses for mud rash, sweet itch, rubs and all sorts of runs and cuts. 100% natural ingredients! Bees Wax is a natural Antibacterial it draws moisture to the skin and seals it offering p…
Nutrilick apple 12kg Nutrilick apple 12kg save
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Nutrilick Apple Bringing a new innovation to Horseware®, our range of low sugar, highly nutritious and palatable horse licks offer a healthy alternative to other high sugar horse licks and treats. Features: Low Sugar: All natural ingredients containing 60% less sugar than regular licks High Vitamin & Mineral Specification: Contains optimum levels of balanced premium minerals, vitamins and protecte…