How To Choose A New Riding Helmet

With a range of more than 30 helmets, Charles Owen has one to suit every rider. Given so many options of styles, colours and features, it can be difficult to choose a helmet. Read on for our tips on how to narrow down your options and find your best fit!

Step 1
Pick the type of helmet that is most suited to the type of riding you do. What is your discipline? If you’re an event rider who will be galloping cross-country, a skullcap will probably be your pick. Or, if you’re looking for a helmet for show jumping or dressage, our Ayr8® Plus is a perfect choice.

Next, consider the level you ride at and whether you plan to compete. Our Young Rider collection is perfect for anyone who is beginning their riding career, and experienced riders looking for a helmet that will set them apart in competition may be more interested in our Premium helmets.

Step 2
Decide on the features that are most important to you. Do you ride in a hot climate and need maximum ventilation? Do you want something sparkly or more subtle? No matter what you can’t live without in a helmet, you’ll be able to find a Charles Owen that fits the bill.

Step 3
Once you’ve selected the style of helmet and the features you’re most interested in, have a professional helmet fitting done. Every helmet in our range is designed to fit slightly differently so that we can accommodate a wide array of head shapes. Within certain models, we also offer both regular and round fit.

When you have a professional fitting done at one of our stores , your fitter will start by measuring the circumference of your head in centimeters to find your size (or your size range if you’re in between sizes). After this, we recommend trying on a few different models of helmet to see which one provides the best fit. The helmet should give a snug, even pressure all the way around the head without causing any painful pressure points. Since it will break in mould to the shape of your head as you wear it, it’s important not to buy one that is too big. Your professional fitter will be able to check the fit and offer advice to ensure you leave with a helmet that will be comfortable and meets your needs.

Step 4

The final step is to bring your new helmet home and enjoy it! When you ride in your Charles Owen, you can feel confident that you have a helmet that not only suits you perfectly but also provides the most comprehensive protection available.

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